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Star Emmy Rossum previously said the series, which premieres Season 8 on Sunday, should end with "Frank dying."

"Shameless" showrunner John Wells teased how the writers will eventually say goodbye to the Gallaghers ahead of Sunday's Season 8 premiere -- but luckily for fans, it sounds like the family will be on TV for at least a few more seasons.

Wells told Entertainment Weekly that although there is no end in sight just yet for the popular Showtime series, they've definitely begun brainstorming how to close it out.

"These fictional characters' lives will continue for another 60, 70 years," Wells said. "We can write it forever, because things are going to keep happening to them. I suspect on this show, we're much more likely to just walk away on a Tuesday and let the audience feel like the Gallaghers are out there and doing okay, rather than some calamitous event — the hospital's closing! The war is over! The president is leaving office! This is really just a story about a family's life, and going through whatever struggles they're going through."

"More than likely, we'll probably just drop out of it at some point, likely when some of the cast members decide they don’t want to continue anymore," he added. "That'll probably be the end of the show more than anything else."

William H. Macy, who plays the alcoholic family patriarch (but will actually get sober this season), said that he thought the show would end after Season 7, so he was already mentally preparing.

“I gave some thought to it —- a little bit —- about how we would end," he said. "But I think that’s not upon us. Not yet. I think we’ll do another season, perhaps two more.”

Emmy Rossum who plays Fiona, said last year that: “the show, for me, has always ended with Frank dying, because I don’t think there’s any way you treat your body that way. We’ve seen him skirt death so many times… or maybe he’s just that cockroach that will never die.”

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