Afrojack Is Working on New Music With Sean Paul (Exclusive)
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The DJ tells TooFab: "I used to listen to his music, so to be in the studio with him ... it's inspiring."

When Dutch DJ and record producer Afrojack isn't touring music festivals around the world, he's busy getting in quality studio time -- most recently with his childhood music idol, Sean Paul.

TooFab was interviewing the DJ about his latest collaboration with David Guetta on "Dirty Sexy Money," which features Charli XCX and French Montana, when he revealed that fans can expect to hear new music featuring Sean Paul vocals in the near future.

"I was in the studio with him like two or three weeks ago," Afrojack exclusively told TooFab when asked about who's been his favorite artist to work with. "We just worked on a bunch of stuff, and we have a couple of songs lying around, but they're not finished yet."

In probing for more information on the unexpected collaboration (last time they worked together was in 2011 on "Keep It Poppin"), Afrojack said, "I can't tell you too much about that right now."

The songs are still in their preliminary phases, which apparently means they still have a long way to go. "Dirty Sexy Money," for example, had to "travel and get bigger and better and crazier" before it could make its official debut last week.

"I started the beat back in Amsterdam and I sent it to David [Guetta], and he got super excited," Afrojack said of the track. "He was in the studio with Charli XCX, and he wrote the vocal part together with her. So we called over FaceTime and started doing some stuff. We wanted to rewrite the track name, which was actually called 'Zombie' instead of 'Dirty Sexy Money.' I personally kind of liked it, but I felt the lyrics could've been better, so they continued working on it."

"The next day, we had the demo for 'Dirty Sexy Money,' and after that, we got Skrillex involved to try and flip the beat even more because we felt he could add a little more rawness," he continued. "We felt it could be a little bit crazier. After all that, David and I arranged it and finalized it and polished it, and that's how it came to be."

Collaborating on music is not a foreign concept to the 30-year-old DJ; he's worked with some of the top music producers and artists in the world, including Pitbull, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

But there's something extra special to Afrojack about making music with Sean Paul.

"This guy -- he's the truth," Afrojack gushed. "And he actually sounds like how he sounds in his songs. That's the way he talks with all the slang and everything. He's a great guy to work with."

"When I was in Europe and I used to go dancing back in the day, I used to listen to his music, so to be in the studio with him ... it's inspiring," he continued. "It's inspiring to see how someone can get so far just based on doing what they love to do. And that's the same with Pitbull, Shakira, all these people are just true to what they love to do."

The producer also praised Lil Uzi Vert -- an up-and-coming rapper making a name for himself in the world of hip-hop -- for possessing similar qualities.

"If you look at hip-hop tracks that're coming out, there's so many people doing it, but there's only a few that actually shine through because of the whole attitude around it," Afrojack said. "There's a reason Lil Uzi Vert is up there getting all the hype right now while there are a lot of other people making the same kind of songs that no one is talking about. He is very dedicated to his craft. That's why people are respecting him."

"The people that usually get respect are the people that put their whole life into their work, and when people try to abuse that, when people try to abuse the audience, people don't fall for that," he added. "People aren't stupid."

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