Elton John Reveals Eminem Gave Him and His Husband Sex Toys as Wedding Gifts
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The legendary singer and P!nk share their personal stories about the rapper on "The Graham Norton Show."

Elton John and P!nk both appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" Friday night and professed their undying love for rapper Eminem.

John and Eminem have remained close friends since the two performed the rapper’s hit "Stan" at the 2001 Grammy Awards. When Em was in the midst of major homophobic backlash due to some of his songs back in the day, it was John who came to his defense.

"He was accused of being homophobic by so many people because of his lyrics, which I thought was nonsense," John said. "I came out and supported the fact that he isn't and I appeared on the Grammys with him, doing 'Stan.'"

When Sir Elton John and David Furnish had their civil union in 2006, the rapper sent them a very non-traditional gift. "We had two diamond entrusted c--k rings, on velvet cushions," revealed John, "and I have to say, they have remained unused."

"It shows you how homophobic he isn't!" John added.

While on the topic of Eminem, singer P!nk detailed how she got the rapper to appear on her new album.

"I wrote him an email. I professed my undying love for him in this email," the singer said. "I love you. I;ve always loved you… I love that you always work with the same people. For instance, Rihanna. And she's hotter than me, but I'm funnier. Please just help me get my rap Grammy."

The rapper responded with one word, "Okay," and duo put out "Revenge" on P!nk’s latest release.