Finale Frenzy: Wolverine Connection on 'Gifted,' Face Talk on 'Valor' and Cain Joins 'Lucifer'
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Every Major 'Walking Dead' Death: From Most Heartbreaking to Most Satisfying

"Lucifer" comes face to face with another Biblical immortal, while death comes for one of "The Gifted."

Monday night kicked off the fall finale frenzy, as the networks start to say farewell to their regular lineup until the new year. After all, families are getting busier as the holidays approach, so they don't have as much time to sit in front of their tubes. Plus, there's all that stellar holiday programming to inundate viewers with.

But that also means fans have to wait a month or so for their favorite shows to return. In the last decade or so, this has come to mean dramatic cliffhanger episodes that are designed to leave viewers sitting on the edge of their seats, anxious and angry that they don't know what's going to happen next right now!

This has come to mean a lot of deaths, the occasional wedding or random declaration of love, but mostly some revelation that shakes the show to its very core. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

The CW bid farewell to its superhero fare a little early last week, while Sunday said farewell to Fox's animated line-up and "The Walking Dead" kicked the frenzy off in earnest with the dramatic reveal that one of the original cast-members had been bitten. That's like paying a finale death forward, as fans can still look forward to watching it play out in the premiere.

Each night this week, we're going to take a look back at the finales of the night to see which moments wowed us, which left us shaking our heads in disbelief, and which we can't stop rolling our eyes at.

The 'First Murderer' Stands Revealed on 'Lucifer'

On Fox's "Lucifer" finale, the title character was pretty confident in his hunch about Detective Pierce on the , and it's a good thing he was right. It's maybe a little too on point, but Lucifer pierced Pierce through the chest only to have the detective rise up and keep on breathing. Finally, he revealed that he is the Biblical Cain, who slew his brother Abel, making him the "first murderer." Cain was eager to die, and Lucifer wanted nothing more to get back at his Father, setting up an immortal odd couple in the back half of the season that could be fun to follow. Pierce had already proven himself a fun foil for Lucifer, and it remains to be seen what his true motives are in coming into his circle of friends, but it should be fun to watch play out.

Do the Dead Dream in 'The Gifted'?

On Fox's "The Gifted" finale, Trask was determined to find the upper limits of the Strucker kids' abilities, and he was willing to go to any lengths to find out. After capturing them, he locked Andy and Lauren into a room with shock collars to try and coerce them into combining their power to reveal its limits. When they refused, he upped the ante by shockingly and abruptly killing Dreamer, with Clarice waiting in the wings to share her fate. This got the kids in motion, which unfortunately gave Trask the intel he needed to replicate their power to wipe out mutantkind. Kill one to kill a ton more? That's ... not a great trade-off.

There's a Wolverine in 'The Gifted'

Another fun revelation from the "Gifted" finale: The room the Strucker kids were held in was an adamantium room, with Trask saying the rare metal was recovered from a research facility in Canada. Savvy X-Men fans know that was a direct nod to the Weapon X program that created Wolverine and Sabretooth, among many others. While it's unlikely that Hugh Jackman will be making a surprise appearance in the back half of the season, it's nice to see some direct allusions to the larger mutant world that lives outside the Strucker realm of knowledge.


'Valor' Beats Face Talk to Death

If you were about to die, whose face would you see last in your mind? On The CW finale of "Valor," that's all anyone could talk about and it only became more grating with each mention. A notion that was supposed to be deep and meaningful was drug through the mud as the characters kept bringing it up over and over again, even in the middle of a dangerous mission. We get it, this is going to matter later. By the end of the hour, though, we started gagging when Gallo told Madani that he realized when facing death that it was her face he saw. She told him she didn't know what to do with that information. Neither did he, and neither did we. Are we supposed to care? She's totally dating someone else and getting ready to move in with him, so why do that to her, bro? That's just rude. Also, can we never talk about faces again, please. ("Valor," The CW)

Tuesday night brings a slew of finales, including "Lethal Weapon," "The Middle," "Fresh Off the Boat," "black-ish," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "The Mayor," "Chicago Med," and "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World," so come on back for our expanded coverage as Fall Finale Frenzy continues!

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