Singer Greyson Chance Reflects on How His Song 'Low' Is Impacting LGBTQ Community
Sarah Parker
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"Ellen DeGeneres Show" viral sensation is all grown up and putting out new music that some in LGBTQ community consider "therapy."

Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance had no idea that "Low," his first single since coming out, would become an unofficial anthem within the LGBTQ community.

"I don't really consider myself a beacon for anybody; I kind of just make music and support the causes that I support," Chance told TooFab. "But I've seen a lot of fans withing our LGBTQ+ community say, 'This song is helping me through some stuff right now,' 'This song is serving as therapy for me,' and that really makes me happy. That's why I make music -- to spread some joy and spread some light on common struggles in the world."

Chance, who's now 20, came out to his family and close friends when he was 16 but has never felt the need to be "super public about it." This song, he said, inadvertently does that while offering support to those who find themselves feeling unworthy of love.

"Life is hard," he said. "It's a constant struggle, and so are relationships. In the age of social media, we feel this constant pressure to display an image of ourselves that's not entirely accurate. I think the lyric, 'I didn't know I could feel this low,' really resonates with a lot of people, which is I guess both a good thing and a bad thing. I just hope the song can also bring some optimism because it always does end up getting better."

When asked what advice he'd give to those in low places or who are struggling personally, Chance said, "Give yourself the self-care that you deserve, and rely on your friends. Also, appreciate the small things. Life is inherently busy. We're always running on this track to reach a certain goal or reach a certain dream, but you should really look at the beauty of life around you. There's a lot of it, and sometimes we put our blinders on and miss what's happening in the present."

Chance became an overnight sensation back in 2010 when his piano cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" went viral. Chance said that he and Gaga were signed to the same manager for a long time and that she's still one of his most influential mentors today.

"I actually just saw her last week in Dallas, and she looked at me and said, 'Oh, shit, you're a man now!'" Chance said. "I've always kept really close contact with her. When I was younger, she would always reach out and see what I was doing and spend some time with me and give me advice. She's still a very good mentor of mine."

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