Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Misconduct Accusers

"We are outraged because we were silenced for so long," the actress writes in a thread aimed at Damon.

Alyssa Milano followed in Minnie Driver's footsteps on Friday, calling out Matt Damon in a very public way about his controversial thoughts on sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

The actress posted a Twitter thread directed at the actor after he said he doesn't want every sexual misconduct accusation to be "conflated." "I do believe that there's a spectrum of behavior," he told ABC News.

Here's Milano's open letter to the "Downsizing" star:

Earlier in the day, Damon's "Good Will Hunting" co-star and ex-girlfriend Minnie Driver also called him out for his comments.

"I do believe that there's a spectrum of behavior," Matt told ABC News. "And we're going to have to figure - you know, there's a difference between, you know, patting someone on the bugs and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without questions, but they shouldn't be conflated."

"All of that behavior needs to be confronted, but there is a continuum," he added. "And on this end of the continuum where you have rape and chid molestation or whatever, you know, that's prison. Right? And that's what needs to happen. OK? And then we can talk about rehabilitation and everything else. That's criminal behavior and it needs to be dealt with that way. The other stuff is just kind of shameful and gross."