Hollywood Erupts Over Trump's Tax Bill: 'A Con,' 'Choke on It,' 'I'm Going to Vomit'
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19 Trump Twitter Targets

Mark Ruffalo, Judd Apatow, Don Cheadle and Debra Messing among the stars ripping GOP's tax bill.

There has been a lot of criticism from Hollywood during the GOP tax bill's journey through Congress, and now that it's passed, many of those voices are reaching a crescendo of rage and frustration.

The largest and most sweeping tax reform in generations is being applauded on Capitol Hill as it awaits Donald Trump's signature to become law. The story is very different in Los Angeles, though, as politicized celebrities take to their social media platforms to decry the bill and denounce its writers and, as they see it, chief beneficiaries.

Some went with jokes, like Bill Maher, who tweeted, "Finally, someone had the courage to stand up for America's forgotten corporations," while others took a more reasoned approach. Alyssa Milano urged her followers to "channel your rage by donating to the opponents of every swing district Republican who voted for [the tax bill]." She even offered up a handy link to help them do just that.

Still others kept it even simpler with an image and a short caption. Josh Gad, who clearly had the most fun, captioned the image he chose, "Live picture of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell right now." You have to see it be believe it, and you can below.

Following are some of the most passionate and entertaining tweets about the tax bill: