Chance the Rapper Does Not Appreciate 'Shallow' Racism Allegory in Netflix's 'Bright'
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"A few minutes into the movie they make Will Smith's character say 'Fairy lives don’t matter,'" Chance lamented via tweet.

Netflix's Will Smith vehicle "Bright" isn't the first sci-fi/fantasy property to explore racism via allegory, but it is the first to earn the ire of Chance the Rapper by doing so.

The artist took to Twitter Tuesday night with his beef, sparking a debate with his followers over the David Ayer-directed action movie co-starring Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace

"Wondering how you guys are feeling about the lynched orc in 'Bright,'" he tweeted to kick off the conversation.

Chance presented a reasoned argument about the difference between racial allegory in fiction and the reality that people of color live under every day in the United States.

That's not to say that no allegorical stories have explored systemic racism as it applies to the minority entities in those stories. Even Marvel's X-Men, possibly the most famous example of racial allegory, have dealt with mutant registration and other forms of legalized discrimination. The idea that human-on-human racism can be "cured" by finding another species to hate instead does seem a little naive, though.

One user challenged the notion that "Bright" was allegorical at all, but Chance was quick to refute that with seemingly indisputable evidence.

"Bright" explores a world where mythical creatures have always been around, co-existing uncomfortably with humanity. Orcs, elves, and humans are fresh off of a thousands-year war. With tensions between the races simmering, an orc decides to join the police academy, much to the dismay of humans and orcs alike.

As allegory, it's pretty ham-fisted, recalling infamous firsts as African-Americans made inroads into white schools and industries in the early- and mid-20th Century. Critics called it a failure as social commentary, with some saying it's the worst film of the year, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The film's critical score sits at 31 percent on the review aggregator, while fans liked it, scoring it at 89 percent.

So count Chance the Rapper among the film's detractors. But despite all of the hate, Netflix has already greenlit a sequel.

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