Tonya Harding's Publicist Quits Over Alleged Demand to Fine Reporters $25,000
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"'I, Tonya' is now 'goodbye, Tonya,'" former figure skater's publicist writes.

Tonya Harding's publicist Michael Rosenberg announced that he is skating away from his business relationship with the former Olympian on Facebook Thursday after she made an outrageous demand.

Harding, who is the central figure for Margot Robbie's award winning film "I, Tonya," has been doing a lot of press to help promote the film and according to Rosenberg, she has had it with talking about her involvement in kneecapping her teammate Nancy Kerrigan ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics.

"'I, Tonya' is now 'goodbye, Tonya,'" he wrote. "Unfortunately, we reached an impasse today on how to treat the press in the future. Her adamant and final position is that reporters must sign an affidavit stating that they wont ask her anything 'about the past' or they'll be fined $25,000. Obviously, it doesn't work that way, and therefore I've chosen to terminate our business relationship."

Her demand is particularly puzzling considering the movie she has been busy promoting takes place in the past and is centered around the attack on Kerrigan, portraying Harding in a sympathetic light since she was a victim of abuse from her mother, LaVona "Sandy" Golden (played by Golden Globe winner Allison Janney), and her former husband Jeff Gillooly (played by Sebastian Stan), the latter of which played a role in orchestrating the hit.

Harding previously told reporters that she didn't have any knowledge of the attack before it occurred, but during an interview leading up to the film's release she admitted that she had a feeling something was up.

"I am sad as I write this; but at the same time I'm happy that I had such an adventure with the movie and recreating a new positive image for her in the public eye," Rosenberg concluded. "I sincerely wish her the best."

Although Rosenberg's post appeared to have been deleted from his Facebook page, he confirmed with TooFab that he posted it. The message was also captured in a screenshot by two journalists, Christine Brennan and Philip Hersh.

Rosenberg has not yet responded to TooFab's request for comment.

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