James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel LOL So Hard at Trump's 'Fake News Awards'
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"Only Trump would put a picture of himself giving a thumbs up next to the message that says 'Error,'" Corden jokes.

As we anticipate a full-on comedic assault on the President Donald Trump's "Fake News Awards" when late-night stars return to TV tonight, James Corden's was the one show that taped late enough Wednesday to get out an early response, while Jimmy Kimmel had a sketch planned.

CBS star Corden laughed as he and his team struggled to even get on the awards website, while Kimmel had a Wolf Blitzer impersonator accept the honors for CNN -- easily Trump's most frequently targeted mainstream media outlet.

Trump tweeted out a link to his "Fake News Awards" late enough in the day that most of the late-night shows had finished taping, with many outlets guessing that Trump wouldn't go through with the long-anticipated event at all as his silence on the topic continued throughout the day.

Unfortunately, anticipation and interest far outweighed the server capacity of the website hosting the awards, causing it to immediately crash. Below is Corden's response to the underwhelming event, followed by Kimmel's interview with "Wolf Blitzer."

"The Late Late Show With James Corden"

Perhaps Corden set his own expectations too high for Trump's "Fake News Awards," because there was no way Trump was going to live up to them. That was after he was able to get onto the website at all.

"This is what most people saw when they went to the page," Corden said, showing a "404 Error" page. "Only Trump would put a picture of himself giving a thumbs up next to the message that says 'Error.'"

He and his team finally did get through, but that's when Corden's expectations were just shattered. "It was just a website," he lamented. "There was no show, no awards show, no celebrity presenters, no Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. It was literally just a typed up list. And that's what he kept us waiting for. That's not an awards ceremony. That's a Craigslist ad!"

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

While Kimmel wasn't sure if the awards were even going to happen when he taped Wednesday night's show, he prepared just in case, inviting CNN's Wolf Blitzer on to accept the network's inevitable award (they did totally win, too!).

"I have so many people to acknowledge. First, I want to thank our fake news writers, who tirelessly made up brilliant, bullshit all year long," Kimmel's faux Blitzer said in the sketch. "I want to thank our special effects team who made it look like the president threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans. And most imporatantly, I want to thank President Trump for this trophy of a child's fist giving a middle finger."

Finally, Kimmel realized what was wrong and interrupted the acceptance speech. "This is why people don't trust the news. This man isn't Wolf Blitzer. This man is my father!"

His mother came out a few minutes later, only to be introduced as Rachel Maddow. The lovebirds decided to take their roleplay elsewhere, as Kimmel grew worried about his father's mental health.

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