The Cast of 'The Hills': Where Are They Now?

The medium tells TooFab the reading was "one of the most healing" he's ever experienced.

Tyler Henry has done a lot of celebrity readings on his E! series, "Hollywood Medium," but an upcoming episode with Kristin Cavallari includes one of his most memorable and healing experiences yet.

In a preview clip from Wednesday night's premiere, the clairvoyant sat down with the former "Hills" star and connected her with her late brother Mike, who died of hypothermia in the Utah desert in 2015.

During the reading, Cavallari's parents watched on the monitor in another room as he validated substance abuse was a factor in their son's death.

"They're having me talk about two factors playing on someone's mental state. But there's an acknowledgement with this of more of an emphasis on the drugs and alcohol than even as the mental illness thing," Henry said. "It's when we go down the drugs and alcohol route, it's kind of like, ‘There's no saving me.' That kind of triggered or kicked off some things."

"That's like so accurate. Mike dealt with we think, bipolar disorder," Cavallari explained in a confessional. "He would go into these manias and think that everything's great, everything's fine and then he would just crash and would be depressed. And it was just this constant up and down, up and down. And then you throw drugs and alcohol into the mix and it would just enhance everything. And it went on for years. He was dealing with some demons. There's no doubt about it."

When TooFab talked to Tyler before the premiere, it said the Cavallari reading was "really one of the most emotional and one of the most intense" of the season.

"I'd probably say it's one of the most healing for the family unit overall," he continued. "Going into that, I knew I was reading Kristin when she opened the door, but I didn't know her family was watching the reading in the back. Seeing that ripple affect of how those validations affected them, that is what it's all about for me."

Season 3 of "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" premieres Wednesday, February 28 on E!