Zayn Malik Continues Crime Saga in 'Let Me' Music Video
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The pop star puts his fists to good use in music video directed by "Narcos" executive producer José Padilha.

Zayn Malik throws punches at crooks, gets hot and heavy with model Sofia Jamora, and stares down the barrel of Steve Bauer’s gun in the singer's music video for new single "Let Me."

In the latest peek at Malik’s forthcoming sophomore album (so far, he's released "Still Got Time" and "Dusk Till Dawn"), the singer plays a drug runner after a pay day and his boss' girl. The pop star uses both his mind and fists to best his enemies in the video directed by Jose Padhila, the executive producer of Netflix crime drama "Narcos."

Malik told Inquirer Lifestyle that his new album is a "very clear evolution" from what fans heard in his debut album "Mind of Mine."

Apparently, Malik wasn't that satisfied with his last album and told BBC Radio 1, "I was just putting out a record and not really being as prominent as I wanted to be."

"This time around I feel more confident and I feel like I really believe in what I'm doing," Malik said.

The music video for "Let Me," released Thursday, is not a stand alone piece. It serves as the sequel to the album's second single "Dusk Till Dawn" and doesn't end there -- "Let Me" ends with the words "to be continued."

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