Will Ferrell Makes Eva Longoria Tear Up by Serenading Her With Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'
Eva Longoria and Anna Faris Steal the Show at 'Overboard' Premiere

Does the "Overboard" star really cry every time she hears the "Titanic" theme song? James Corden has Ferrell put her to the test.

A woman pregnant in her third trimester is no match against Celine Dion, a weakness Will Ferrell used against Eva Longoria on Wednesday night's "Late Late Show."

After discussing Longoria's new movie, "Overboard" and Ferrell's co-owned soccer team, LAFC, James Corden moved on to more pressing matters of the heart. That is, does Longoria really cry every single time she hears the "Titanic" theme song?

"It is an emotional time for you," Corden told Longoria, "and I have heard there is one song -- is it true -- that makes you cry every time you hear it?"

"I have been emotional. Everything makes me cry lately," Longoria replied. "But, no, every time I hear 'Titanic' -- but this was before I was pregnant, by the way -- the Celine 'Titanic' song, it always makes me cry."

Longoria warned Corden not to sing "My Heart Will Go On" because she'll "lose her sh-t," which Corden refused to believe. The late-night host enlisted Ferrell to test if it was true.

"Will, do you know how that song goes?" Corden asked, to which Ferrell replied, "I certainly do."

We could explain what happened next, but we're afraid we can't do Ferrell's cover justice with words. Enjoy the performance above...and keep an eye on Longoria's eyes!

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