Ellen DeGeneres Is a Nightmare to Work for When She Hires U2's Bono and Edge as Temp Assistants
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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"The Goo Goo Dolls would have had the soup figured out by now," Ellen tells her rock star assistants.

Ellen DeGeneres gave U2's The Edge and Bono the Hollywood assistant experience on Tuesday, and we imagine they've never been more grateful to be rock stars.

The daytime talk show host put her musical guests to work under the premise that both of her assistants were out sick. Once they agreed to the challenge, she immediately gave them a simple task: order her lunch.

But Ellen's demands for the soup of the day and even the soup of tomorrow proved to be a little too much for the bandmates.

"I'm gonna get you the tomato and basil," Edge told Ellen, and she wasn't happy.

"No! Did I say I want that? It's not your opinion of what I'm eating," Ellen said before shaming her rookie temp assistants with this dig: "The Goo Goo Dolls would have had the soup figured out by now."

But even worse than ordering for just Ellen may be ordering Starbucks for her entire writing staff. After writing down every writer's extensive order, Bono and Edge get another lecture.

"You guys, listen to me, I'm not done talking," Ellen barks at the rock stars. "OK, I'm trying to stay calm. Also, call me when you're there and let me know, one by one, what's at the salad bar. Quick, quick, quick, like a bunny!"

The video is labeled "Part 1," so we're eagerly anticipating the sequel. Fingers crossed we actually get to see the rock stars go to the restaurant and Starbucks to pick up the "Ellen" team's lunch.

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