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Though they were in good shape when filming wrapped, Glanville says her dad is "reverting back" to his old ways.

Brandi Glanville and her dad, Guy Glanville, put their relationship to the test on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition," and while they came out of the show feeling good, that all changed once the show started airing.

The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed on her Podcast One show, "Brandi Glanville Unfiltered," Friday that the two aren't on speaking terms at the moment.

"That experience, in and of itself, brought us to a new level of closeness," she explained to podcast guest Dr. Venus Nicolino, one of the hosts of the WE tv show. "Unfortunately, right now we're not talking."

"The show's airing and I tried to prepare him for being ready to not see everything we did and to see the highlights or the low-lights," she continued, adding, "because you can't show every single thing we did."

"He is upset because of some of the things that were said on the show, but he was there so I don't know why he's surprised," Glanville explained.

While her father won't answer her calls, her mother has been, and she filled her in on Guy's biggest gripe. "He was upset because he thought I said that he used to beat me," she told Dr. V. "I said he said his dad was physically abusive. I said dad slapped me once in high school, that's it. Now my dad has changed the story in his head thinking that people now think that he used to be physically abusive to us."

She added that her plan is to just let it blow over and wait it out until "something else will spark his interest."

Dr. V also chimed in on how Guy looked in the edit, saying she thought he came off looking "like a superhero and sweet and sincere" when all was said and done. "He wasn't that way the whole time, so I'm just letting you know, they took very good version so Guy and he came across very sweet," she added. "I'm very surprised and sad to hear that. That he didn't like how he was being portrayed, because he was being portrayed very well given other clips they could have taken!"

Though things may be tense right now, Glanville went on to call her dad a "special person" who she loves "very much."

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