'Ocean's 8' Premiere: See Who Stole the Spotlight on the Red Carpet!

The actresses have trouble remembering the late-night comedian's role in their new heist movie, then Sarah Paulson whips out the perfect mom dance.

"Ocean's 8" stars Sarah Paulson, Sandra Bullock, and Awkwafina had some fun at the expense of James Corden's ego Thursday night by refusing to acknowledge his role in the heist movie hitting theaters today.

"Who was your favorite male co-star?" Corden asked the ladies on "The Late Late Show"Thursday.

Paulson, Bullock, and Awkwafina all named characters and actors with small roles that seemed to make an impression, such as Richard Armitage, some bodyguards, and the character of Yen, who was in the original "Oceans" trilogy.

"Other than that there were not no men of any substance," Paulson said, and Corden started tearing up. "What's the matter you upset?"

"Listen, if you done that in the movie we'd probably remember you," she joked.

Read on for more highlights from the cast on the late-night show.

Real-Life Heists

Since "Ocean's 8" focuses on a group of women plotting to steal a multi-million dollar necklace at the Met Ball, Corden wanted to know which of the stars were guilty of thievery IRL. Paulson was the first to fess up.

"I did it once, but I was too old to have done it," the Emmy winner admitted. "I stole a velvet bodysuit from a high-end clothing store on Columbus Avenue."

"I just had a lot of very popular friends and I felt like a big rube and so I thought I had to do it to be cool," she said. "I regret it to this day."

Awkwafina then chimed in with her experience yanking items from hotel rooms.

"It's not stealing," Awkwafina said. "My grandma called it shopping. We would lift the microwaves, we take the HDMI cables out the DVD machines, 'cause you need those!"

Bullock added that anything that isn't nailed down -- such as towels -- is fair game.

Secret Skills

Every celeb got their start somewhere and for Awkwafina it was posting a rap song online that got her fired from her job as a publicity assistant.

"I made a song called 'My Vag' and I kind of like mentioned it to my boss and she was like, 'Oh!' and then I was immediately fired," the rapper recalled.

Bullock used to be open up for drag shows in college in North Carolina, a fun fact she previously revealed about herself while promoting her new movie.

"I used to open up for these incredible drag queens in North Carolina at this club called 'The Paddock Club,'" Bullock said. "And I used to like hot glue my sequins on a little shirt so I had an outfit."

Paulson's secret skill? A mom dance she created with friend Amanda Peet. The "American Horror Story" star even got out of her seat to do a demonstration.

Hard Goodbyes

One of the funniest moments arrived in the form of a pre-taped sketch in which the ladies were joined by co-stars Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling and Cate Blanchett to bid farewell to Corden after working with him on "Ocean's 8."

Corden awkwardly crashed a press junket, then weirded all of the actresses out by getting way too emotional about their short time together, all to the tune of Vitamin C's hit 1999 hit "Graduation (Friends Forever)."

Watch the full clip above to see Corden's outrageous scrapbook, Blanchett putting licorice in her mouth like a walrus, and Hathaway's incredible comedic timing.

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