James Corden Tries to Ignite 'Beef' Between Chris Pratt and The Rock During Epic Hike to Hollywood Sign
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Corden gets real weird with the "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" star on hike to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

Chris Pratt had absolutely no idea what to expect when James Corden invited him to go on a hike to the Hollywood sign, and he may have gotten a celebrity feud with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson out of it.

The two met up in Los Angeles' Griffith Park for a hike that aired on Wednesday's "Late Late Show." The comedian said he wanted to give his London audience a glimpse of his life in the city of angels.

"People in L.A. are obsessed with hiking," Corden told the camera. "I don't know very much about hiking, so I thought to help show me the ropes, I'd bring my friend, Mr. Chris Pratt."

The "Jurassic World" actor joined Corden for what was supposed to be a simple, 45-minute hike -- but 60 feet in, and Corden was already out of breath.

"OK, I'm blacking out," Corden said, gripping onto Pratt's shoulder. "I'm blacking out a little bit. I'm tired. It gets tough. I need to take a little sit-down. I need to take -- I need to take a knee."

"No, man. We got this," Pratt said while urging the CBS late-night host on. Turns out Corden's backpack filled with items such endless rolls of toilet paper and empty water bottles in case they had to drink their own urine didn't help him out as much as he hoped it would, but the two marched on.

During their trudge, Corden asked Pratt what body part of his he'd eat first if they ended up stuck on the trail.

"I'd just cut you open and sleep inside you if it got cold, like 'Star Wars,'" Pratt said. Corden's answer was a little different -- and way more disturbing. He said he'd eat Pratt's member, to which Pratt replied, "You're gonna need more calories than that!"

After Corden dipped plants he found into a bottle of ranch dressing he brought with him, and drank the juice of some random dog's poop (he said he saw it in a movie), he and Pratt finally made it to the top.

"Let's pop off a selfie!" Corden suggested. He proceeded to decorate the snap with a bunch of hashtags, including "#EatShitTheRock."

"What was the last thing you said?" Pratt asked.

"I just though you wanted to start some beef with The Rock," Corden replied.

Watch the epic hike in the video above, and keep an eye on The Rock's social media channels for a response.

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" hits theaters Friday, June 22.

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