The Most SAVAGE Celebrity Clapbacks

The HBO star calls out Trump supporters for defending "the indefensible."

John Oliver is the latest TV star to rail against a Fox News personality's take on Donald Trump's border policy.

The "Last Week Tonight" host zeroed in on Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney while examining how cable news was covering the president's decision to end his administration's family separation policy, without specifying how and if the families that have already been torn apart will be reunited in the detention facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

While appearing on "Fox & Friends," Varney argued the media was too focused on reporting on "children in cages," instead of what really matters: "The real big story that affects everybody in America is the success of the president’s tax cut package and what it’s done for our economy."

Oliver was stunned by the logic. "'Why are we walking about this, we should be talking about something else' doesn’t really work when the thing you’re deflecting from is children in cages," the comedian said.

“If a realtor selling a house were to say, 'Why are we talking about children in cages? The kitchen has marble countertops,' the only acceptable answer would be, 'Because they’re children. And they’re in cages. Someone needs to let them out, you f--king monster.'"

Oliver called out Trump supporters for defending "the indefensible" with logic like, "Their parents shouldn’t have broken the law" and "The conditions aren’t that bad," but summed up Varney's position as, "The bold argument of 'Who gives a shit?'"

CNN also got a roasting for reporting the Trump administration releasing a general plan for bringing separated families together, though some major pieces still are missing, "including a clear timeline on just how long it would take and how it would get done."

"Those are some pretty major pieces to leave out," Oliver argued. "In fact it’s all the pieces! How long it will take, and how it will get done are the whole plan! That’s like a recipe for cake that just says, 'You’re going to have some cake.'"

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