This New App Turns Selfies with Celebrities Into Selfless Acts of Charity

Csnaps allows celebrities to demand fans pay for photos -- for a good cause.

Asking celebrities to pose for quick selfies just became a little less vain and maybe even a little more tolerable on their end.

Csnaps is bridging the divide between intrusive fandom and charity by requiring fans rushing to snap a picture with their idols to buy the picture through the downloadable app, which donates the proceeds to the celebrity's charity of choice.

So for example, let's say you've become a huge fan of Tara Reid since seeing her critically ignored family comedy, "Andy the Talking Hedgehog." When you approach her to gush over her performance alongside co-star Dean Cain, you can increase your odds of getting a selfie with the actress by pitching it as charity.

The app requires minimal participation from both parties. Stars like Reid will need to set up their profile with their favorite charities and can direct any fan approaching with a camera phone to use the Csnaps app to take the picture, which fans then purchase online later, then share on social media directly from the app.

The company behind the app even made a handy-dandy video explaining the process, complete with a sample celebrity: John O'Hurley, a.k.a. J. Peterman from "Seinfeld."

Watch it below for a better understanding of how this works and start raising money for charity the next time you ask a famous person for a photo.

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