Inside Mama June's Weight Loss Journey

See why Mama June's worried about fitting into her dress on Friday's new episode.

Pageant Day is here and Mama June's coach is in fear.

In a sneak peek at tonight's "Mama June: From Not to Hot," J.J. Smith has some major concerns about his client, after he shows up to her house with her dress only to find her literally stuffing her face with an eclair.

"Honey, instead of feed me, you should be thinking crown me," he says to her as he shows June her blue gown. "I am actually worried June is not going to be able to get into that pageant dress," he adds in a confessional, "if the dress doesn't fit, neither will the crown."

June, for her part, doesn't seem too concerned and keeps eating away. In her own confessional, however, she echoes his fears about putting on weight.

She explains that the first dress she wanted to wear "didn't even come close to fitting," and joked that she might "need to pack a whole tub of margarine to help me maybe slide into this dress."

We'll see if she'll squeeze into it when "Mama June: From Hot to Not" airs Friday night at 9pm on WE tv.