Safaree Claims His Twitter War With Ex Nicki Minaj Has Already Garnered Him A Book Deal And Hair Endorsement
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The rapper claimed a men's hair club offered him an endorsement deal after Minaj mocked his hairline treatments.

Sometimes it pays to get into a Twitter war with Nicki Minaj, at least according to Safaree.

The rapper, best known as Minaj's ex, claimed on Wednesday that he "woke up" to a book deal for "over 500K" in addition to an "endorsement deal" for a men's hair club, in a series of tweets.

Although these "deals" have yet to be confirmed, his big news comes less than a day after he and Minaj participated in a savage Twitter war. The former couple rehashed old drama from their 12 year relationship.

The drama all began on Tuesday when Minaj threw shade at her ex during an interview on Hot 97 radio. The rapper claimed Safaree and other male hip-hop artists don't respect her as a songwriter. She stressed that she's "always written" her own raps and is "over" Safaree trying to "tarnish" her image by allegedly taking some kind of credit for her work.

"You don't know the f--ked up shit he did to me," she said. "It don't give you a right to lie about someone's craft just because you know that they're a woman and people will believe you. So now years later you want to come back and say 'I lied' after you've tried to tarnish my image."

"I've gotten over it now because you can go and listen to 'Queen' and hear it for your motherf--king self," Minaj added. "I've always been adamant that I've always written my own raps and I want all women to write their own raps."

Minaj also alluded to catching Safaree allegedly stealing her credit cards and paying for prostitutes, all while she was taking care of him "for years and years." The former couple dated for 12 years before breaking up in 2014.

"For one person to do something like this to me out of sheer weakness and passive aggression and just hatefulness and vindictiveness because you got caught shitting on a person who was taking care of you for years and years?" Minaj said. "Because you got caught shitting on a person who was taking care of you while you were paying for prostitutes and stealing their credit cards?"

"How dare you bite the hand that feeds you," she added.

Safaree responded on Twitter by suggesting his ex either "still cares" about him or is "holding on to a lot of hate."

"How many times have I said I never wrote ur raps (sic)? Nobody even talks about that anymore," he added.

Minaj clapped right back in a series of tweets about their relationships, including taking a dig at Safaree's hairline.

Safaree came back with multiple tweets as well and made sure to clarify that he and Tyga don't attend the same hairline treatment doctor. Although the hairline treatment dig from Minaj seems to have worked out in his favor with his supposedly new endorsement deal.

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