'Jersey Shore' Cast Tells Angelina All the Reasons She's Not in Their Group Chat
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"They won't let me be apart of it for some weird reason," Angelina tells SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy.

Angelina Pivarnick may have been upgraded to full-time cast member of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation 2," but she's still not in on the group text chain and tried to change her co-stars minds in an interview Friday morning.

"Jenny I'm not part of the group chat," Angelina told Jenny McCarthy on her Siriux XM show Friday. "I forgot to tell you that. They won't let me be apart of it for some weird reason."

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said that in order for Angelina to be apart of the cast group chat, she has to "pay her dues."

"Girl you just got into the family," she said. "Be a family with us. We've been a family for 10 years. You just got here."

McCarthy -- who felt bad for Angelina -- asked what it would "take" for the cast to let Angelina to be apart of the group chat.

"Never gonna happen," Vinny immediately said in response.

"Why is it never though?" Angelina asked. "Isn't that so weird?"

As everyone mumbled different excuses and ideas, such as a separate group text, Pauly D blurted out the real reason she's exiled.

"How can we talk about her in the group chat, if she's in it?" he said.

Angelina said that "eventually" she hopes that her friends will let her in. And there's hope. Vinny added that at this point Angelina is like their "seventh cousin," and has to work her way in.

Also during the radio show, McCarthy brought up the cheating allegations surrounding Vinny and his then-girlfriend Elicea Shyann. Vinny set the record straight and stressed that he did not cheat on his girlfriend, rather he was just "flirting."

"I was really drunk in clubs and I was flirting with the bottle waitresses," he said. "I think every guy has done that in the past. If you guys really want to see a cheater, I can show you some."

Vinny did admit that his behavior wasn't okay, however, hitting on a girl while "blacked out" is considered cheating while on a reality show. After his cheating, or lack thereof, Vinny received major backlash.

"On a reality show, that's cheating, you can't do that," he said. "It's definitely the wrong thing to do, but I wouldn't call it cheating, though. To me, cheating is like hooking up with somebody."

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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