Deena Cortese's Growing Baby Bump

Ronnie almost knocks out a random dude before sobbing uncontrollably over baby mama drama in the season premiere.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" Season 1 ended with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in complete despair over his tumultuous relationship with baby mama Jen Harley, who he said he didn't trust.

The two-hour Season 2 premiere began with them kissing up on each other at her baby shower, but if you recall, they had an epic social media war over the summer that was all captured on camera. It's about to be a wild, wild ride.

Ronnie was on a plane, two hours away from landing in London, when he got a call from Jen that she was in labor. Once he landed in London, he bought a one-way ticket back to Las Vegas to be by Jen's side. He made it just in the nick of time and got to witness the birth of his first child, Ariana Sky.

"Little Ariana is a full-fledged meatball," Pauly D said upon meeting her. "She's a mini Ronnie -- she eats, she sleeps, she poops and she cries."

Elsewhere, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (who is now "thicc as f--k") and new fiancée Lauren Pesce have been busy discussing their dream wedding in Italy, but Mike's court situation has him under certain travel restrictions, so they may need a Plan B.

Vinny Guadagnino came into Season 2 a single man, Jenni "JWoww" Farley came in angry her roommates hadn't been supportive of her during her speech struggles with her 2-year-old, and Deena Cortese came in pregnant! She told Nicole and Jenni at lunch, and everyone cried. Because of her pregnancy, Dee let the girls know she wouldn't be going to the Vegas portion of the vacation but that she'd meet the gang when they made their way back to Seaside Heights.

JWoww had a few bones to pick with Nicole but decided not to ruin Deena's moment by bringing anything up. For starters, she was mad Nicole didn't participate in a Mother's Day surprise video Jenni's husband, Roger Mathews, had asked her to participate in. Mike was the only one of the group who came through, and although she was grateful, it broke Jenni's heart no one else participated.

Secondly, Jenni was pissed Nicole formed a friendship with Angelina Pivarnick, who after Season 1 went on to call Jenni a "Jersey Whore" on social media.

Fast-forward to Vegas. The gang's back together! Their suite at Planet Hollywood has a stripper pole in the shower -- because of course. Upon arrival, Nicole casually told Jenni she had invited Angelina to Vegas in Deena's place, and Jenni was livid. "I could use a chew toy," she said.

Everyone was tiptoeing around the fact the Ronnie and his baby mama had been at each other's throats on Instagram for days. Jenni eventually revealed to Nicole she had been keeping a secret: She reached out to Jen -- not her costar -- following the Instagram explosion to make sure she and the baby were okay. In a way, they formed a bit of a friendship. Jenni knew if Ron found out, he would flip.

The gang of guidos and guidettes then all got the chance to meet Baby Ariana, because Ronnie's baby mama lives in Vegas. Nicole cried, Vinny melted and Mike caught baby fever. It was everything. Then Jen and the baby jetted off to Oklahoma, but before she left, she assured Jenni she had not told Ronnie they had been talking. At this point, the group was still walking on eggshells regarding their relationship, but no one knew just how bad things really were.

At dinner, Jenni aired her grievances with the group about their lack of participation in the Mother's Day video. She then took five shots and felt it was a good time to let Ron know she had been talking to Jen. Surprisingly, Ron was somewhat okay with it?

Fast-forward to Drai's nightclub -- Jenni fell asleep in the cabana because she drank a whole bottle of tequila. Snooki took her home, leaving the boys to fend for themselves. "Did Bill Cosby drug you?" Nicole asked Jenni in the cab ride home. Ronnie behaved himself beautifully, as did Mike. Pauly and Vinny ended up smashing two Canadian girls.

Jen's flight got delayed/canceled/changed/whatever, so she told Ronnie she got a sitter and would swing by the strip later that night to see him.

The gang headed to Flamingo for a pool party, and they noticed Ron was noticeably quiet. Jen started texting Ron and began getting under his skin. He instantly began to spiral. Ronnie then got into a verbal altercation with some guy in the bathroom over what seemed like nothing. The guy said, "We're not in Jersey, dog," and Ronnie went off. Security had to hold him back, as did Pauly.

Back at the hotel, Ronnie began to cry uncontrollably, but he wouldn't open up to the guys about what was really going on. Up until this point, he hadn't told them just how bad his relationship with Jen really was. Ronnie eventually opened up, telling the gang that Jen was "irrational," and that whenever they disagree, she takes the baby away from him. He said he had been "going through hell with her."

Pauly told cameras he was now seeing a different, more "manipulative" side to Jen. "She's not a good person," he said in a confessional. Snooki added that the whole situation is "so f--ked up."

Ron and Jenni then got into a screaming match over the situation. Ron said Jen was manipulating them both, before Jenni told him to take some responsibility. "Why the f--k are you on Instagram trying to bait her as well?!" she asked. "When you go to Instagram and put that out there for free, for millions to see?!"

"Do you want my honest opinion?" she then told him. "Leave her and fight for your daughter and then go get help, go to the courts, go get a lawyer."

"You gotta take responsibility," she shouted as he tried to interject. "You f--ked a crazy bitch. You got a crazy bitch pregnant." The fight will continue next week.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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