The Best Celebrity Clapbacks

After The Situation called her "extra" in a new interview, O'Day reacts with TooFab.

Aubrey O'Day just dropped a grenade on the stars of "Jersey Shore," after they revealed how they really felt about their co-star Pauly D's relationship with her before their 2017 split.

Speaking with Page Six, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino said he thought of O'Day as "a bit extra," while Vinny Guadagnino called her "a hot mess."

While O'Day hadn't seen the article in question, she didn't hesitate with a comeback when TooFab filled her in on those two comments.

"I know Mike from being on 'Marriage Boot Camp' with him the first round, I really liked Lauren," she said, referring to Sorrentino's fiancee, Lauren Pesce. "I felt bad for Mike and wanted the best for him and I think what he's doing right now and how he's obliterating my name is just because he's supporting the cast and the situation that's putting money in his pockets right now and he's being disrespectful to me in the process."

"Mike always loved me and was great to me and looked up to me to help him through many things," she continued. "I think it's unfair and a bit childish and petty and whatever."

In the end, it sounded like O'Day understands he's just being a friend to his co-star.

"I've been part of so many public breaks, I find that when a break happens, that everybody tends to protect the corner that's protecting them," she said. "That's just what happens. It comes and goes, when his money is elsewhere, he'll love me again, it's fine."

Aubrey was promoting her appearance on the new season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," which she and Pauly filmed last year before they separated for good.

We have more coming with Aubrey about their "toxic" relationship and their time filming together later this week.

"Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" premieres Friday, September 7 on WE tv.