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Omarosa releases new audio, says who she thinks is behind that anti-Trump op-ed and swears Donald watches 'The View.'

Alleged threats from Donald Trump's legal team be damned, Omarosa Manigault-Newman appeared on "The View" this morning and, yes, she brought another tape with her.

The former White House aide came equipped with an audio recording she secretly took in October 2017, after Trump had crashed a meeting with his communications staff and the press shop to gloat about a report linking Hillary Clinton with Russia.

"When Donald Trump got bored, which was very often because his attention span is very short, he would sometimes try and figure out what meetings were happening in the White House and he would crash those meetings," she said, setting up the clip. "This was a meeting with the entire communications staff and the press shop, who were meeting to talk about tax reform or his trip to North Korea and he crashed the meeting."

"He came into the meeting, he sat down, and he starts rambling from topic to topic, none of it makes sense," she added. "And then, this is in October of last year, 10 months after the election, 12 months, and he's still talking about Hillary Clinton."

As for what he said on the tapes, it started with this: "I think Hillary is getting killed now with Russia. The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion. Somebody told me, Hope, you told me it was $9 million they spent on the phony report."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Hope Hicks are both heard giving some input, before Trump asserts the money on the report was paid though a law firm so it couldn't be traced back to Clinton. "It's definitely illegal and it's illegal from a campaign standpoint and from a campaign financing standpoint. So the whole Russia thing, I think, seems to have turned around?" He then asks if Sanders agrees and she says "Absolutely."

After playing the tape, Omarosa said there were often meetings like these, where she and the rest of the communications team were told "blatant lies" they'd then have to repeat.

"I would've left that meeting where you just heard Donald Trump discuss how to obstruct justice by going through a law firm ... we would have to go out as the comms team and repeat verbatim what we just heard that Hilary Clinton was involved with the Russia collusion that she was engaged in some criminal activity," she said. "Because he said it we would repeat, what the president said."

Omarosa also said Clinton was "robbed" of the presidency, something she admitted to being "complicit" in facilitating.

"I discovered Donald Trump was an arsonist trying to burn down this country and in some way I was complicit in handing him matches and giving him more fuel for his fires," she said. "At some point you have to stop a toxic relationship. I regret that I was so complicit. Hillary Clinton was robbed and I was a co-conspirator in that robbery. I will regret that for the rest of my life ... [helping] this con man get into office."

During the interview, Omarosa also said she'd heard tapes of POTUS using the N-word and suspects they'll be released "around the midterms." She believes his "cult" won't care, though, because they're "desensitized to his racist ways."

She also shared that she thinks a senior staffer in Vice President Mike Pence's office was responsible for writing the New York Times op-ed about a resistance inside the White House, and added that Trump coached her before her appearance on "The View" in 2017.

She said Donald wasn't happy that Behar "was constantly in his face and in Melania's face" at the time, and had once considered Joy a "friend" of his. Behar quickly shot that characterization of their relationship down by saying she's never kissed his ass. "I never wanted that self-tanning on my lips," she joked.

"He was upset because he felt like you all steamrolled [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] and that she did not defend him tough enough on the show," she also said, referring to Sanders' 2018 appearance. "She kind of looked weak and he hates for anyone to look weak. He specifically told me to come after you, Joy. He's watching, Hi, Donald!"

Omarosa added she and other White House staffers would jokingly refer to the 25th amendment in text messages whenever Trump would flip flop on an issue or say something wild. They also used the orange emoji.

"I sat there and watched that foolishness. When I go through some of these text chains, some of the things we joked about, instead of hash-tagging, we should have been ringing the alarm," she said. "We should have been put America on alert that Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Instead, we were hash-tagging."

Watch more clips from her appearance below: