Abby Huntsman Clashes with 'The View' Co-Hosts Over Trump Jr. Doubting Kavanaugh Accusers
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It was three against one as "The View" hosts disagreed with Huntsman in a heated debate.

The majority of "The View" table was in opposition, per usual, with conservative commentator Abby Huntsman on Tuesday morning.

It was three against one as the women discussed Donald Trump Jr.'s recent comments where he claimed to be worried more about his sons than his daughters in the #MeToo era due to the possibility of false sexual assault allegations. Don Jr. questioned the veracity of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Furthermore, he argued the claims were "obviously political" and only served to diminish the abuse suffered by actual victims.

Don Jr.'s interview with DailyMailTV sparked a heated conversation on the show about what dictates a valid sexual assault claim. Huntsman believed forensic evidence was needed to determine the legitimacy of the assault claim, while the other women argued that this type of evidence isn't always available.

"You only worry about this for your child, if you think that your child has these tendencies," Whoopi Goldberg began. "If your child is not someone that's assaulting people, it shouldn't be a concern."

"Not necessarily, though right?" Huntsman replied. "Isn't that the point, in the not tactful way he was trying to make, and what I think a lot of people are concerned about today is that you can be accused when you've been raised the right way, when you did nothing in that situation, we have countless examples where that has happened."

Co-host Joy Behar cut off Huntsman and asked her to give one of these "countless" examples of false accusations.

"The Duke lacrosse players," Huntsman replied, and Behar conceded, "Well, that's one."

"I just think it opens up the conversation to say, evidence matters," Huntsman added. "We should hear women, before we jump and believe before we know what actually happened."

Behar pointed out that forensic evidence isn't always available. That's where lawyer and legal commentator Sunny Hostin came to Behar's defense.

"I've tried a lot of cases with no forensic evidence and it's just a women's story and a man's story and you have to determine who is credible," Hostin said. "I will say this. [Don Jr.] is working from the wrong premise. He's working from the premise that Dr. Ford is falsely accusing Brett Kavanaugh."

"When you look at the stats -- and I think it's very important for people to educate themselves -- rape is the least reported crime in the country and on top of that... it's about 2 percent of those allegations are false," she continued. "So when you look at it statistically it’s very rare for a false allegation to have been made."

"Except when it's a black boy though," Hostin added as she went on to cite a study that found 47 percent of black men in prison are innocent (you can read some of the statistics here).

"Dr. Ford didn't accuse him of rape though," the former Fox News star hit back.

"Yes, it's attempted rape," Hostin said. "That's what she's accusing him of."

"That's what she's saying," Huntsman said. "To this point we still don't have hard evidence on either side."

Hostin reiterated false accusations are "rare." In response, Huntsman asked how Hostin would feel if her son was wrongfully accused.

"It's more likely to be my son because he's a black boy and 47 percent of [black] people who are in jail are wrongfully convicted," she replied.

Goldberg attempted to mediate the situation and expressed that women need to stand together when coming forward with allegations.

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