Hollywood Livid Over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation: 'People Should Be F--king Terrified'
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Stars tweeted out their outrage, conveyed their sadness, and most of all, encouraged Americans to vote in upcoming midterm elections.

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate as a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, and as you may have expected, Hollywood is livid.

Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano and Piper Perabo are among the stars venting their outrage on Twitter in wake of the 50-49 vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation, despite Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accusing him of sexually assaulting her at a party while they were teenagers.

The testimony and investigation has sparked another round of national conversation about sexual harassment, assault and rape. Although there was already momentum from the #MeToo movement following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, President Donald Trump poking fun at Ford's testimony as well as the other dismissals from powerful politicians has ignited an uproar from Hollywood and beyond.

Stars tweeted out their outrage, conveyed their sadness, and most of all, encouraged their followers to get out and vote for the upcoming midterm elections.

Handler tweeted that today is "another gross day in the history of our country."

"The midterms are coming," she wrote." "We are stronger than this bullshit. We can fight and fight and we may not see the results right away, but we will see them. Our daughters will see them. Don't give up. Fight harder."

"People should be f--king terrified and outraged," Milano wrote. "I sure as hell am. We need to take back our power by taking back the Senate and the House in November. It is the only way out of this mess."

Alongside a cartoon of a woman being pushed down and silenced, Perabo tweeted, "My rage will not extinguish my hope, it will only organize it. #BelieveWomen #BelieveSurviviors"

Actress Sophia Bush wrote that she was "angry" and "heartbroken" over the verdict.

"My sternum feels like it's going to crack in half," she added. "I'm holding friends and loved ones close today. And tomorrow, I'm ready to #RAGE."

Read on to see how Hollywood is reacting to Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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