'RHOC' Star Emily Simpson Says Relationship with Shannon Beador Has Gotten 'Worse' Since Filming (Exclusive)
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"If you thought it was bad through filming, now she's blocked me [on social media]," Emily Simpson tells TooFab about her current relationship with Shannon Beador.

Emily Simpson's first season on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" has been nothing short of memorable -- and even though she's formed strong bonds with most of her co-stars, Shannon Beador is still giving her a hard time.

As many of her longtime friends and co-stars have said, Shannon is "not good with change," so she's refused to get to know either of this season's newcomers, Emily and Gina Kirschenheiter. Every episode, it seems Shannon puts up more and more walls with Emily and Gina -- and Emily just told TooFab it's only gotten "worse."

"If you thought it was bad through filming, now she's blocked me [on social media]!" Emily revealed, adding that to her knowledge, there was no one incident that set Shannon off from the time they finished filming Season 13 to now.

"Maybe she hears things I've supposedly said? Maybe she sees Gina in a confessional call her an asshole, so she just gets mad again? I don't know," Emily said. "I mean, I try not to take those confessionals seriously. I mean, I do to an extent because I need to know what people are saying and be able to address it."

Emily said she and Gina recently ran into Shannon at a restaurant often frequented by O.C. Housewives -- The Quiet Woman -- and that Shannon refused to acknowledge them.

"She saw us and flipped out and ran away," Emily said. "We were standing there, and she walked in the door, and I saw her. So I smiled and waved because that's what I do when I see someone I know. You should've seen her face! It was like she saw -- I don't know -- something that scared the crap out of her. She turned, she ran, she didn't wanna be anywhere near us. Her friends had to come over and apologize and say, 'Sorry she acted like that.' I don't understand it. It's very immature behavior, but that's on her."

The Bravo newcomer also revealed how her husband, Shane, reacted off camera to Kelly Dodd's epic outburst on him a few episodes back.

The outburst was at Tamra Judge's house when Kelly decided she wanted to confront Vicki Gunvalson's boyfriend, Steve, over some comments he had made to the press about her divorce. But Steve wanted nothing to do with Kelly or the conversation and walked away, leaving Shane at the receiving end of Kelly's fury. She went on to call him a "little bitch," a "twerp" and a "loser." When Emily got dragged into the altercation, she stood up for her man, and says she let her emotions get the best of her.

"The only thing I regret is my choice of words," she said regarding her "I'm gonna f--king kill you!" comment, which Kelly has since forgiven. But not everyone recovered from the incident so quickly. Emily said Kelly's "verbal attack" bothered Shane so much that he "refused to film" the show for about three weeks after.

"I couldn't blame him!" she said. "He was like, 'Why would I do this? Why would I subject myself to this?' So it took a while because he was like, 'I'm done.'"

Emily is getting ready to film her very first reunion with the ladies, and because she's an attorney, she's going in prepared. She told TooFab she has a binder filled with notes on every one of her co-stars, including printouts of their weekly Bravo blogs. And one person who should be particularly cautious of Emily come reunion time is Tamra.

Emily said that up until she watched the season, she was under the impression Shannon was the only person who had spoken negatively about her marriage. She said watching back the scene in question, she noticed Tamra was the one who started the conversation.

It was the scene where the ladies were all eating dinner at Tanners. Emily said she left "slightly early" because she had "worked all day" and wanted to put her kids to bed. She told TooFab she relayed that same sentiment to Tamra, but the moment she left, Tamra brought up to the table that Shane might be "controlling."

"I was really surprised at how quickly Tamra brought up my marriage and that my husband was controlling," Emily told TooFab. "I just felt like it was a huge leap. I left early to take care of my kids, and all of a sudden, my husband's controlling? I didn't know that conversation had taken place. I knew that Shannon had said something, but I didn't know that Tamra had."

But Emily didn't reach out to Tamra after watching back the scene. She told TooFab, "I'll just save it for the reunion."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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