15 Halloween Costume Ideas Every Pop-Culture Fanatic Will Appreciate
Halloween 2018 Costume Ideas

Michael Myers makes a blockbuster comeback as "A Star Is Born" births one of the hottest couples costumes of the year, and nuns are the new clowns.

Halloween weekend has arrived and...you still need a costume.

It happens to most of us every year, especially when the actual holiday falls awkwardly in the middle of the work week, making it all too easy to forget we've gotta be ready to suit up on a weekend night four full days ahead of time!

But don't worry if the festivities snuck up on you this year, we have compiled 15 easily recognizable ideas that you can totally pull off. From getting all decked out as the Royal couple everyone has been obsessed with this year to tatting your face up with temporary ink to look like Post Malone, we've got options for you to consider. And if you do these right, we predict an onslaught of high-fives this weekend from impressed friends and strangers, alike.

Click here or on the picture at the top of this article to start your last-minute Halloween costume brainstorming session right now, because the clock is quickly ticking down to party time!

And if you're not feeling any of those, take some inspiration from all of the TV stars that have already been getting into the Halloween spirit on the air this week.

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