Jimmy Kimmel Demolishes Trump's 'Mind Boggling,' Hypocritical Response to Pipe Bombs and Blasts 'Nut Patrol' at Fox
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"Blaming the media for bombs that were sent to the media is like blaming skyscrapers for 9/11," jokes the late-night comedian.

Jimmy Kimmel said Thursday night what every critic of President Donald Trump has been thinking about his response to the pipe bombs being mailed to prominent Democratic politicians and Robert De Niro this week.

"If you thought Donald Trump had already hit the hypocrisy apex, I’m sorry. You’re incorrect," Kimmel said, referencing the president's call to end hostility in the political arena and the media.

The problem, as every American with a Twitter account already knows, is President Trump is regularly hostile toward any politician that challenges him, as well as any media outlet that reports news that is not favorable to his administration. And don't forget those "horseface" porn stars that spill affair allegations and detailed descriptions of The First Penis.

Before filling up an entire digital wall behind him with those tweets, he played a supercut of Trump calling other politicians -- Democrats and fellow Republicans -- all sorts of names. "Crooked Hillary," "Crazy Bernie, "Lyin' Ted Cruz" and "Lock her up" were a few of the president's greatest hits of political hostility caught on camera, and click here for a big ol' mashup of Trump encouraging his supporters to be violent.

"There’s much we can do to bring our nation together. For example, those engaged in the political arena, must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective," Trump said at his Wisconsin rally on Wednesday, and then added, "The media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility, and constantly negative and often times false stories."

"Those two guys look a like, but they really need to get on the same page," Kimmel joked. "Blaming the media for bombs that were sent to the media is like blaming skyscrapers for 9/11. It’s mind boggling."

The comedian concluded his coverage of the event by noting, "Despite the prepared statement, the president did not do much to encourage us all to 'Be Best' ... the most important thing he told the crowd in Wisconsin and a national television audience was this."

Cut to Trump proudly declaring, "Kanye West likes me."

Before Kimmel tore into the president's reaction to the pipe bombs sent to CNN's New York City headquarters, as well as the homes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden -- to name a few of the targets -- the ABC late-night host ripped Fox Business Newtork host Lou Dobbs and the rest of the "nut patrol" spreading conspiracy theories.

"The nut patrol is now out in full force. A number of prominent right wingers are floating what they call 'false flag' theories," Kimmel explained. "Lou Dobbs has an interesting idea of who might be behind the bombs to CNN and the Democrats: CNN and the Democrats."

The conservative TV personality tweeted "Fake News--Fake Bombs" on Thursday, and asked, "Who could possibly benefit by so much fakery?"

"He used to be on CNN, but he eventually became so geriatrically unhinged, CNN had to send him to Fox to lie out the remainder of his days," Kimmel joked about the fervent Trump supporter. "So now he spends his days coming up with conspiracy theories."

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