'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Cory isn't too supportive after Cheyenne tells him she's "working" on things with another ex.

Cheyenne Floyd had a feeling Cory Wharton wouldn't be too thrilled with this news on "Teen Mom OG," and judging by his reaction, she was right.

In a sneak peek at Monday's new episode, Floyd tells her baby daddy that she's trying to work things out with her ex-boyfriend, Zach, following a bad breakup in a previous episode.

Cheyenne and Zach -- who were living together -- called it quits after he allegedly went off on her in a "drunk" stupor, calling her a "bitch" and criticizing her attire. Last week, she was seen second-guessing the breakup.

"You're gonna hate me in a second," she tells Cory in a preview clip. "Zach and I made up."

"Why would you do that?" asks Wharton. "Technically, we're not together," replies Floyd, "but we're working on our relationship."

When he says that "doesn't make sense" to him, she adds that they're "doing positive things and having positive conversations." That remark literally makes Cory wretch ... twice.

Imitating her voice, he mocks her while joking, "I really just want to keep this TV in my house!"

Wharton, however, finds some solace when he learns the two aren't immediately moving back in together.

See what unfolds next when "Teen Mom OG" airs Monday on MTV.