'RHOC' Juice: Tamra Bails on Gina's Birthday Party to Get an Enema from Shannon
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

Yes, this actually happened. Thankfully, cameras were not allowed in the bathroom, but we heard enough to scar us for life.

Tamra Judge was still so mad at Gina Kirschenheiter for inserting herself into her issue with Shannon Beador that Tamra bailed on going to Gina's birthday party.

What'd she do instead? Get an enema.

But let's backtrack for a sec. On last week's "Real Housewives of Orange County," Gina paid Shannon a visit after the latter underwent cosmetic eyelid surgery. Gina took it upon herself to tell Shannon that Tamra and the other ladies were talking about her, saying they were very concerned for Shannon and her mental well-being. When Gina left, Shannon called Tamra to bitch her out for talking about her behind her back. Tamra then ripped Gina a new one when she saw her the next day.

This week, Gina and Tamra came face to face -- for the first time since the blowup -- at Emily Simpson's home to be "read" by somewhat of a psychic. Gina tried to explain herself to Tamra, again, saying that she was truly concerned for Shannon and that Shannon blew the conversation out of proportion, but Tamra was not really buying it. She told the camera she wasn't sure if Shannon was lying or if Gina was shit-stirring.

Tamra was freaked out after the psychic alluded to her possibly splitting from Eddie. She kept wondering if that was a sign that Eddie was going to die, but the woman assured her he was not. Tamra wasn't freaked out by the divorce prophesy, which we found rather odd.

When the lady got to Gina, she mentioned that someone in the group whose name had an "Sh" in it was in trouble and needed help. Everyone agreed she was speaking about Shannon. Tamra, however, refused to acknowledge that possibility, saying Emily's husband, Shane, could also be who the psychic was referring to.

As the ladies bid their goodbyes, Gina reminded them both about her upcoming birthday party. She asked the ladies to wear sequins and meet at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. Tamra gave no indication she didn't intend on going, except when she was in the comfort of her confessional.

The next day, Tamra stopped by to see Vicki Gunvalson, who was recovering from a lower face lift. She mentioned that neither she nor Shannon would be able to attend Gina's party and asked Tamra if she wanted to have a pajama party with her and Shannon instead. Tamra was down.

Fast-forward to the night of Gina's party. Emily, Kelly Dodd and a few of Gina's friends all showed up at the restaurant to celebrate. Noticeably missing was Tamra. She didn't call or text Gina that she wouldn't be attending, so Gina tried calling her. No answer. Kelly tried FaceTiming. No answer.

So where was Tamra? At Vicki's house having an "old lady party." During the girls' trip to Jamaica, Emily made a snide remark about how Tamra, Vicki and Shannon were "old folks," so the three decided to have a little fun with it. That night, the "Tres Amigas" became the "Tres Abuelas."

To really commit to character, Tamra spray-painted her hair grey, wore granny glasses, sported a bathrobe and gave herself wrinkles made with makeup. She even brought casseroles for Vicki and an enema kit for Shannon, who had been admittedly constipated since her surgery.

In a twisted turn of events, Shannon ended up helping Tamra give herself an enema. Thankfully, cameras were not allowed in the bathroom, but we heard enough to scar us for life.

All the while, Kelly kept calling Tamra. She finally answered after Vicki and Shannon urged her to. Tamra put the phone on speaker, as did Vicki.

Kelly asked Tamra where she was. She said she was at Vicki's and that she "totally forgot" about Gina's party.

"I'm an oversight, yeah," Gina said. Tamra overheard.

"I'm, like, such an asshole! I'm so sorry!" Tamra said. Cameras panned to Gina's face, and she was furious. "It's okay," Gina said. "There will be more birthdays."

But Emily decided to take a loud jab, yelling, "It's okay, they're playing bridge and drinking martinis!" That only gave Gina the green light. "Don't forget your foot cream -- your special foot cream!" she added.

Shannon heard the comment. "They're making fun of us in the background," she said, so Tamra replied, "Well, you know, you get to a certain age, and sequins and nightclubs don't matter anymore!"

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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