'RHOC' Juice: Gina Gets Caught Trying to Play Both Sides of the Tamra-Shannon Saga
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"Now that I feel like I finally had a breakthrough with you, I feel more obligated to let you know everything that I've been hearing," Gina tells Shannon Monday night.

On Monday's "Real Housewives of Orange County," Gina Kirschenheiter found herself where no one wants to find themselves -- in the crossfire of Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador.

After the ladies got back from Jamaica, where Tamra and Shannon had squashed their beef, Gina decided to pay Shannon a visit following her eyelid surgery. Gina's intention for stopping by Shannon's seemed genuine, but when Shannon said that Tamra had been by earlier, Gina blurted out, "So is everything okay after Jamaica and stuff?"

Kelly Dodd, who was in the room, added, "What'd you guys talk about?"

"We worked through it," Shannon replied. "I apologized for certain things I said."

"Well, obviously, it got ugly to a point where it didn't need to go between the two of you, and I'm glad you guys are friends," Gina said. "But now that I feel like I finally had a breakthrough with you, I feel more obligated to let you know everything that I've been hearing. That day that you weren't around, there was a lot of talk about your mental health and if you're like okay."

"At first, I didn't understand what was going on, and now I'm a little concerned," Gina added as Kelly chimed in, "Because Tamra keeps talking. She was going on and on and on."

Gina saw the look in Shannon's face and immediately tried to diffuse the situation: "It's coming out of concern from her. It's not like she's just talking shit."

"I don't wanna be hearing all these things and then not say anything to you," she continued. "And what if there really is something going on? I just want you to know that it's coming from a genuine place. And you can call me."

Moments after Gina left Shannon's house, Shannon called up Tamra and let her have it. That part didn't air, though, so we found out about the angry phone call the next day -- when Gina found out.

The ladies who didn't go under the knife (Vicki Gunvalson was recovering from a lower face lift) met up for drinks. When Gina arrived, Tamra refused to stand up and give her a hug. Gina instantly knew Shannon had spoken to her.

"No hug?" Gina asked. Tamra just stared her down.

When the topic of Shannon's surgery came up in conversation, Kelly blurted out, "Oh, and by the way, Shannon called me just now. And she called [Tamra] just now," looking directly at Gina.

"Let's talk about it," Gina said to Tamra, to which she replied, "I would love to hear your side before I lose my shit."

"I went from a place where I just thought you were rude," Gina fired at Tamra. "To now, hearing a lot of other things about her, you know?"

"At any point, did you say to her, 'I need to let you know what your good friend's saying about you?" Tamra asked.

Gina assured her she didn't: "All I said is, 'I just want you to know what the topic of conversation was of the day, and I'm concerned for you, as well as your best friends are.'"

"Did you wanna make sure that things were good, or did you wanna tell her that I wasn't a good friend?" Tamra shot back.

"Absolutely not," Gina said. "I did tell her a few things, but the fact of the matter is you said a lot of shit about your friend."

"Nothing I didn't say to her face that day that I sat down with her!" Tamra fired back. "But you wanted to make sure she knew? Because she's your new best friend? You just now started talking to her. Like, why do you wanna stir up a bunch of shit?"

Once again, Gina said there was no shit-stirring, only genuine concern.

But Gina was pissed, later telling Bravo cams, "Clearly, Shannon's taking the fact that I was concerned about her, and trying to cause fights between me and Tamra. It's the Jedi mind trick. They're masters. Shannon Beador is Yoda, I swear to God. I got played."

Tamra was also fuming, saying during her confessional, "I didn't expect this from Gina at all. She's Gina. New York Gina. Loyalty. And you're gonna go throw me under the bus? Oh, no. No, no, no, no."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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