Zoe Kravitz Tells Andy Cohen That Lily Allen's 2014 Kiss Was a Full-Blown Attack
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Kravitz makes some serious accusations and throws some serious shade at the British singer on Tuesday's "Watch What Happen Live."

Zoe Kravitz dropped quite the bomb on Tuesday's "Watch What Happens Live" -- telling host Andy Cohen and co-guest Eddie Redmayne that British singer Lily Allen "attacked" her in 2014.

In Allen's memoir, which was published in September, she wrote that she "once kissed Zoe Kravitz." When a caller on Tuesday's show asked Kravitz if Allen had warned her that she would be writing about the alleged kiss, Kravitz quickly replied, "Who's Lily Allen?"

When Redmayne -- who's Kravitz's "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" co-star -- heard the singer's name, he gushed, "I love Lily Allen." Kravitz turned to him and said, "No, you don't," then told Cohen, "If by kissing she means attacking, then yes, she kissed me."

"Oh, she--" Cohen said in a more somber tone. "Attacked me," Kravitz said, finishing his sentence.

"But is that how she portrayed it in the book?" he asked.

"No," Kravitz replied, adding that Allen portrayed the kiss as though Kravitz "wanted it."

"Oh, wow, okay," a visibly uncomfortable Cohen said. "So did you read the book?"

"I don't think anyone read the book," Kravitz shot back.

And with that, Cohen, Redmayne and the audience let out a collective "OOOOOHHHHH!"

Allen did not immediately reply to TooFab's request for comment.

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