'This One I Hate': Andy Cohen 'Uncomfortable' With the Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis Feud
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"I never enjoy a fight, but this one I hate," Cohen tells Pulos about the rift between the former "Flipping Out" co-stars.

Jenni Pulos has remained very cordial and somewhat unemotional while publicly addressing her feud with former "Flipping Out" co-star, Jeff Lewis -- but Andy Cohen's taking a different approach.

Last time Jeff was on "Watch What Happens Live," Andy asked him if he could ever envision himself being friends with Jenni again.

"I'm a very, very forgiving guy, and I never say never, but when someone reports you for abuse to your bosses, that's kind of something that's kind of hard to get over," he said at the time.

Andy played that clip for Jenni on Monday night's "WWHL" and asked her for a response.

"I never filed a claim," she maintained. "I really worked for him. We were really friends. You know, [I'm] heartbroken about how it's all transpired, but I wish him the best, and I always have."

Andy then looked at Jenni and said, "I have to say, first of all, I am so uncomfortable with this entire fight, as you know, because the three of us -- I feel like we all came up together at Bravo. I was with you guys from the beginning, the very beginning. I mean, you recorded my theme song! I never enjoy a fight, but this one I hate. I mean, really, it's very upsetting to me."

"And I watched the finale, and it was like watching my parents splitting up," he added. "I don't like it."

Andy's response was rather tame compared to what it could have been, given the supposed falling out he had with Jeff over text message.

Last month on "Jeff Lewis Live," the interior designer read what he claimed were "nasty, threatening" texts from Andy, live on the radio. Andy was allegedly upset about a photo Jeff posted to his Instagram that many felt was an obvious dig at Bravo. The photo showed Jeff standing in front of a white board bearing his image. His face was crossed out, and he was surrounded by the phrases, "Contract expired," "Your 15 minutes are up," "11 years of hell," "Better luck with radio" and "#MeToo." He captioned the shot, "I guess there's no going away party?" and tagged Bravo, which has aired "Flipping Out" for the last 11 years. Lewis claimed the network did not renew his contract before it expired on Oct. 15, making the future of his show uncertain.

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I guess there’s no going away party @bravotv ?

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During Jeff's radio show that day, Andy allegedly reached out to him and ripped him for broadcasting their private messages in regard to the Instagram photo. Jeff then proceeded to read that message, which was much less PC, for his listeners.

"As you know, Andy Cohen has been known to lose his temper with me," Jeff said at the time. "After 11 years, we've been very much of a sibling-type of a relationship. I normally would never read his texts on air, but the reason I would read this is that he has changed his strategy with me. Yesterday, I think when it happened, he thought, 'I'm not getting through to him by screaming at him. I'm not getting through to him by writing nasty, threatening texts. I'm going to try a different strategy.'"

A caller on Monday's "WWHL" asked Jenni how she planned on keeping her role of being godmother to Jeff's daughter, given their strained relationship.

"Very good question, Jenni replied. "I mean, I will always pray for her. I was raised Greek Orthodox, and so I believe prayer is important in all aspects, so I don't feel as though I will never love her. It's just for now, it's from afar. But it's difficult! The whole thing is difficult."

"Right, and you're figuring it out," Andy added.

"The whole thing is wild and completely unexpected," Jenni replied. "You never know what's gonna happen, but I have loved him like a brother, and I always will. And I wish him and her the best -- and their family and his father. They've been a big part of my life for a long time."

On his Sept. 7 radio show, Jeff said he and Pulos had had a "fight" that resulted in a "rift." According to Jeff, it was unlike any other fight the two had had in the 11 years they worked together. Jeff said he was then "reported for wrongfully terminating her," "reported for abuse and victimization" and said "there were also allegations of a hostile work environment." In addition, Jeff claimed that Jenni hadn't worked for him for "years" and that their working relationship had been faked for the show.

Jenni responded to his claims two months later, telling PEOPLE, "Citing wrongful termination claim, wrong. Citing abuse claim, wrong. Citing victimization claim, wrong," she told the publication. As for their relationship on the show, "it was very real," she said. "I was his employee, and I worked for him. It was very authentic, and that's important."

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