Emily Simpson Rips Into 'RHOC' Co-Star Tamra Judge After Being Accused of Faking a Storyline
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Emily lashes out at her former friend, saying, "If Tamra wasn't on the show, we'd all probably just sit around and laugh and get along."

Emily Simpson joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" as a friend of Tamra Judge, but the two are definitely not friends anymore.

Emily, a strong-willed attorney, stopped by "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro" Wednesday night, where she opened up about her first season as a Housewife on the original franchise. While Emily focused her shade-throwing on Tamra, she did take a couple shots at show favorites Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador, as well.

When Keven asked Emily who she felt she'd have the most tension with if she were to be asked back for a second season, she replied, "Apparently Tamra." Emily said if she were to encounter her co-star outside the confines of the show, she would ask, "What is your problem with me? I don't know what your problem is. What is the deal? Let's resolve it."

When asked if she felt Tamra should be invited back next season, Emily did not hold back.

"I think 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' will exist whether Vicki is on it or Tamra is on it or Shannon is on it," she said. " I think the show itself is iconic. It's the original, and it has a large audience. I don't think anyone is that special that they hold the show, so I think everyone needs to be prepared that it might always be their last season, no matter who they are."

Emily threw even more shade at Tamra when Keven asked her if she would be happy to see Tamra get the boot.

"I don't know. That's a huge question," she replied. "Tamra serves a purpose. I mean, if Tamra wasn't on the show, we'd all probably just sit around and laugh and get along."

But the Tamra bashing didn't end there -- and we can't say that Tamra is totally innocent.

Late Wednesday night, Emily tweeted out a screenshot of Tamra replying to a fan on Instagram. It's unclear who Tamra was replying to or what the person said, but in her response, Tamra accused Emily of being "jealous" of her marriage. She also accused Emily of being "fake" and having "other people do her dirty work."

Last episode, Emily brought a "cup reader" (sort of like a psychic) to her house. She invited Tamra, Gina Kirschenheiter and her mother-in-law, Pary, over to partake in the woman's reading.

The reader, Maryam, told Tamra something about a divorce. Tamra kept wondering if that was a sign that Eddie -- who has heart issues -- was going to die, but the woman assured her he was not. Tamra wasn't freaked out by the divorce prophesy, though, which we found rather odd. Aside from that, nothing out of the ordinary took place -- at least to the viewers at home.

But Tamra's telling a different story, saying the woman "knew my name when I walked into the door and told me she's a huge fan and that she's actually a hairdresser (that's why I had the bitch face the whole party)."

"I absolutely hate when castmembers make shit up to be relevant," she continued. "Eddie has met Pary twice, a couple months prior to this party, where he sat at her house (while I filmed Emily's kid's birthday party) and talked with her and her husband for hours about working out. And she's been to our studio. Clearly, she was told to say that."

We're still not sure about what Tamra's referring to because Pary didn't say anything during the cup reading. Either way, Emily's not having it.

"I'm an attorney, so I like to respond in FACTS," Emily tweeted. "1. My mother-in-law is 73. She has met a lot of new people this season, and I'm sure she was confused. She was never told to say that. 2. The cup reading was supposed to be a fun night with girlfriends. It was for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. Nothing was supposed to be taken seriously. 3. I never met the cup reader before that evening. I had never spoken to her until that night. I never told her what to say. My mother-in-law didn't either."

"4. Of course she's a hairdresser! Do you think she does cup readings for a full-time living?" Emily continued. "5. I like Eddie very much, but I'm not jealous of your marriage. 6. If you don't like fake storylines, maybe you should stop "fake" losing your top."

Tamra shot back, and so did Emily. See the tweet below.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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