'RHONJ' Tea: Newcomer Jennifer Aydin Rubs Everyone the Wrong Way with Diva-Like Behavior
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

The newest Housewife of New Jersey seems to offend all her castmates -- and their friends -- on Wednesday's cringe-worthy episode.

Jennifer Aydin is not everyone's cup of tea -- and that became crystal clear on Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New Jersey."

The ladies were still in Oklahoma, staying with Margaret Joseph's very gracious friend, Polly -- and while most of the 'Wives were excited to see how the other half lives, Jennifer could not wait to get back to her "glamorous" life back home.

Last episode, Jennifer made it clear she wanted to stay in one of the nicer rooms, so she did. She also flaunted her various Chanel bags and bragged about how the sunset view from her 16-bathroom home was more beautiful than the one the ladies were trying to admire from Polly's home in Oklahoma. On Wednesday night, things did not get any less cringe-worthy, and eventually, some of the ladies snapped.

But before we get to the climax, let's revisit the rising action that left our jaws practically unhinged.

During dinner one night, the ladies were talking about cold-weather activities when Jennifer blurted out that she once took her kids skiing. "It's so much work. I was miserable the whole time, so I just left the nanny with them," she said. "I don't have a nanny that raises my kids, I have a 'wife.' That's what I call it. I have a woman to cook and clean for me because I have seven bedrooms upstairs. I have two more guest rooms in my basement, and my basement has 11-foot high ceilings."

"I have a security system in my house," she continued. "A lot of the rooms have cameras, and my nannies -- before they leave -- I do random bag checks." The ladies were dumbfounded -- especially Jackie Goldschneider, who joked to Bravo cams, "You trust people with your children but not with your silverware?" (She does have a point.)

During that same meal, Jennifer confessed to the ladies that she once went out to a nightclub dressed up as a dominatrix, telling Bravo cams, "I never told my husband about the dominatrix thing until after we were engaged. He was a little bit shocked, but he was kind of like, 'Okay, now go whip some shit up -- but in the kitchen.'"

And Jennifer's not exaggerating when she says stuff like that. She told TooFab all about her traditional marriage, saying, "If my husband is in a good mood and in a good place, Mommy gets whatever she wants. I do what needs to be done to keep harmony and peace in my home. And it may not be for everybody, I get it. There are feminists out there -- they're all angry and riled up. They're probably single, those women, because marriage is hard work." You can check out that interview here.

But back to Wednesday's episode. The next morning, Jackie and Margaret vented about how "pretentious," "demeaning," "one-uppy" and "obnoxious" Jennifer was at dinner, but they had no idea what was in store for them.

On the ladies' way to their very first cattle show -- which Jennifer thought was some sort of "Oklahoma hazing ritual" -- they all decided that the loser of the show would have to sleep in the trailer, which Dolores Catania had been staying in. Jennifer was the only one who had an issue with it.

"It was very tight. I mean, I have a very large house. I come from 16 bathrooms," she told the women. "We were told we were going to a ranch. It's a 1,000-acre ranch. I thought it was maybe gonna be luxurious. Seriously, one bathroom in the hallway for all those bedrooms? It's really hard. It's really easy in life to move up, but it's hard to go back down."

Dolores lightheartedly reprimanded Jennifer, reminding her that "God has a very funny way of humbling people." Margaret added, "You think you're so fancy? You live next to the cemetery, bitch!"

Later on, Jennifer spoke with her husband and got the okay to invite the ladies over to see their beautiful home. "I've had people compare it Monte Carlo or a hotel in France," she told them. "What I've been describing about the house -- it just doesn't do it justice. I have this huge fountain!"

Annoyed by the whole conversation, Teresa Giudice simply replied, "I have a fountain, too."

Margaret said, "I have a bidet."

Dolores quipped, "I have a garden hose."

It was amazing.

We didn't think it was possible, but things got even more painful at the hoedown later that night. Jennifer watched from the sidelines as her co-stars learned how to dance the two-step. She didn't think her husband would be okay with it. "Do-si-do? How about do-si-don't," she told the camera. (Good one.)

Later, Polly introduced Jennifer to her plastic surgeon friend, thinking they would have something in common considering Jennifer's husband is a plastic surgeon.

"Let me ask you -- how's plastic surgery in Oklahoma?" she asked. The man replied, "Busy."

To cut the tension, Polly made a joke about how Jennifer thinks Oklahoma is "a third-world country." Jennifer laughed and said, "I mean..."

She later complained to Melissa that the tequila she ordered tasted like "rubbing alcohol." But it would appear Jennifer actually enjoys the taste of rubbing alcohol because she proceeded to get pretty drunk.

Regarding the food, she blurted out, "Barbecue? Come on, now. Can we get any more cliché?"

Margaret, Jackie and Dolores' patience was starting to wear thin.

"How cool is it that we can drink wine out of a Solo cup and totally be cool with it?" she continued. Dolores tried to change the subject and ask the other women if they could see themselves living in Oklahoma.

"No," Jennifer blurted out before anyone else could answer. "If I have a few days off, I wanna go where it's sunny. I wanna go where it's glamorous. But like, Oklahoma? What are you gonna go cow-tipping? I feel like if I came here, I would probably just stay in a hotel."

Polly was speechless and excused herself politely so as not to lose it on Jennifer.

Back at the house, the ladies were all sitting and chatting in the living room when Jennifer let out yet another insult.

"What is this country music? What a f--king snore," she said in reference to the woman who was manning the music at the party. "Like, people listen to that music? Ha! She coulda played some house music or something and get really turned up. You know, cater to the guest!"

When Margaret pointed out to Jennifer that she was being rude and "socially inappropriate," Jennifer replied, "Okay, so I'm socially inappropriate. What're you gonna do about it? I don't like the music! I'm entitled to an opinion."

While Margaret tried to explain to Jennifer that she felt she had been disrespectful to Polly, Polly walked in and agreed, calling Jennifer "offensive."

Margaret, Polly, Dolores and Jackie all tried to make Jennifer see how she was coming across, but she didn't see an issue with her behavior whatsoever. As she pointed out, "We're not at the Four Seasons here!"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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