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Camila Cabello's "Havana" becomes "Mall Santa," while Florida Georgia Line's "Meant to Be" laments the Elf on a Shelf is always "Watchin' Me."

You'll recognize the melody right away, but it might take a little longer to figure out the lyrics as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon remixed all your favorite 2018 hits for the holiday season.

We didn't even know we needed this in our life, but now that we've got it we kind of want it to happen every year. And there are so many aspects of the holiday season, the possibilities are endless.

In their capable hands, Florida Georgia Line's "Meant to Be" became a lament about the Elf on a Shelf "Watchin' Me." And Camila Cabello's "Havana ooh-nah-nah" sounds so natural transformed into "Mall Santa ho-ho-ho," while we found ourselves wondering if Post Malone was always singing about his grandma giving him a "new sweater now, sweater now."

The pair put their dreidel spin on "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey, while Cardi B simply sang about Christmas, "I Like It" and Shawn Mendes lamented about sucky Secret Santas. Truly, this was the gift that kept on giving and we're not ashamed to admit we've watched it more times than there are songs parodied in it.

For just over five glorious minutes, all of your worries can be washed away too as you relive the music you loved throughout the year while never stepping away from the holiday spirit. Now, if they really wanted to make it special, they would have recorded full parody versions of each of these tracks and put out a new Christmas album.

It already sounds like "Weird Al" Yankovic had a hand in the food-centric twist on Maroon 5's "Girls Like You." We can practically hear him singing, "Too much food / Scarfed down a full turkey / And a whole fruitcake, too / Feels like I’m gonna spew."

Some of our other favorite lines include:

  • "Mall Santa, ho-ho-ho / His breath is reeking like Jack Daniels ho-ho-ho / Holding a beer and a Mylanta, ho-ho-ho."
  • "Now I like giving, I like shopping / I like stuffing all my stockings."
  • "It's a turtle neck that is green and brown, green and brown / Looks like she got it from the lost-and-found, lost-and-found / Could've got me anything, but she got me this here thing."
  • "It's Christmas shopping on Amazon / Oh what the hell did I buy? / So I'm sobering up, I'm sobering up, returning this stuff 'cause I'm sobering up."

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