That Time Julie Bowen Got So High She Was Crawling on the Ground
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The actress also spilled tea on her past projects, including "Dawson's Creek" and "Happy Gilmore."

Julie Bowen once got so stoned she was crawling on the ground in paranoia.

While appearing on Monday's "Busy Tonight," the "Modern Family" star and Busy Philipps talked about marijuana and its many uses. While the late night host said she used to get high before a long run, Bowen said she only uses marijuana for "sleeping purposes" because it makes her super "paranoid."

"[Weed] is not for me," Bowen said. "'Cause I'm a 'who's following me?!'... I can hear spiders down the street."

To illustrate how weed isn't her thing, Bowen recalled a hilarious story involving deep paranoia and crawling on the floor. Bowen said it all began when she told her therapist she needed to be prescribed Ambien to sleep. The doctor told her that since Ambien can be "addictive," she suggested Bowen eat edibles instead.

"I'm like, 'What med school did you go to?'" Bowen said and Philipps joked, "She's a California therapist."

The actress explained that the directions on the bag of edibles, which were called "Scooby Snacks," instructed to eat "half the bag." Since that seemed like a "lot" to her, Bowen decided to be "really conservative" and only eat a quarter of the bag. However, that was more than enough.

"Cut to," Bowen began, "I was still married, living at my house at the time, me going down the hall like this."

To demonstrate, the "Horrible Bosses" star got off the late-night show's couch and crouched down on the rug in a crawling position. She explained that she was "trying to find her husband" while crawling down the hall, whispering his name super quietly.

"Five to eight hours later," Bowen said. "I was like crying, 'My doctor told me to!'"

Philipps pointed out, "Julie, you got way too high!"

Also while appearing on the late-night show, Bowen spilled some major tea about her past projects, including "Happy Gilmore," "Boston Legal" and "Dawson's Creek."

Philipps first showed a photo of Bowen and Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore." In the still from the 1996 comedy, Bowen is wearing a tight white dress that showed a lot of cleavage.

"That is chicken cutlets on top of chicken cutlets with like a water bra," Bowen pointed out. "That is like six water bras."

Philipps and Bowen had a "crossover" in their careers when Bowen starred in an episode of "Dawson's Creek," the late '90s early '00s drama where Philipps had a recurring role on.

The star had to be reminded of her character's name from the episode that aired in 2000 and pointed out that Philipps had much more hot gossip that she did.

"You knew all the inside stuff," Bowen pointed out. "But everybody was dating each other!"

Bowen also revealed her best on-screen kiss. See who the hunk was in the full clip below.

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