'Daily Show' Issues 'Bird Box' Challenge for R. Kelly Fans Who Can't Stop Listening to 'Ignition'
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Comedy Central's late-night show also calls out news programs for playing R&B star's "irresistible" music while reporting on disturbing allegations.

Trevor Noah was stunned by news that consumption of R. Kelly's music has actually gone up since the premiere of Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly," which was packed with disturbing allegations against the R&B singer, but his "Daily Show" correspondent has lifted a solution from another pop culture obsession, "Bird Box."

"So just so we're on the same page: America sees this documentary about R. Kelly and underage girls, and now they're consuming more of his music?" Noah marveled, and then introduced Roy Wood for a deeper dive.

The comedian set up the conundrum by scolding news programs for playing Kelly's catchy 2002 hit "Ignition (Remix)" while covering the flood of allegations -- old and new -- from the docuseries.

"You can't talk about R. Kelly's supposed crimes, then play 'Ignition.' That song is irresistible," Wood argued. 'You're sitting there watching the news all angry. 'How could this monster prey on these innocent -- oh my God, that's my jam!'"

Wood recommended news anchors "stop playing his music and just tell us what he did."

The problem isn't that different from the one Sandra Bullock faces in Netflix's "Bird Box," which Wood perfectly summed up as "a movie about a white lady cussing at her kids in a row boat." She has to cover her eyes to avoid being affected by the monsters she's running from, so Wood put a new twist on that risky "Bird Box" Challenge that Netflix told subscribers to avoid.

"From what I learned in this movie, is that if you don't want something to get to you, you gotta block it out. But instead of covering my eyes, I'm gonna start covering my ears, and I'm gonna call it the R. Kelly Challenge," he said. "That way people can focus on what he did, and not get seduced by his music."

Ear plugs may be more affective, but whatever floats your boat as you're rowing through the apocalypse or the end of R. Kelly's career.

Wood started off his bit by making his stance on Kelly clear: "First of all, f--k R. Kelly. Let's just get that out of the way."

"There's no way to watch this documentary and still be a fan of this guy," he said. "To be honest, I think the only reason he's been getting away with this as long as he has is because he's been doing it to black girls."

"He married Aaliyah when she was 15, and nothing happened," he continued. "If he even thought about marrying that little bald-headed girl from 'Stranger Things,' America would be like I believe you can fly your ass to prison."

If you missed "Surviving R. Kelly" when it aired on Lifetime last week, you can read TooFab's in-depth recaps to catch up and join in on the conversation.

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