Jimmy Fallon Cuts Off Samuel L. Jackson from Calling Trump 'Cheap Motherf--ker' During Poetry Slam

The actor with over 100 credits also names his favorite film roles, and his No. 1 may surprise you.

Samuel L. Jackson came very close to calling President Donald Trump a "cheap motherf--ker" while poetry slamming the news on Monday's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

"Wall, wall, wall / Wall, wall, WALL / Is that all, all, ALL you can you say?" the 70-year-old actor began his poetic dig at Trump. "I don't care if it's concrete, steel or paper machete / guess what Donald? / Mexico ain't gonna pay / No way, Jose / So cut it out, because we ain't no suckers / Cough up the money yourself, you cheap mother..."

That's when Fallon intervened to censor his guest. While the NBC late-night host focused his poetry slams on less political news topics, Jackson went all in on Trump, who he regularly criticizes on Twitter.

"Longest shutdown in history / the record is beat / what a feat / people hitting the street / while the elite compete / resources deplete / if only they could shut down the president's tweets."

And when Jackson hit Trump for failing to pay the Transportation Security Administration -- an arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security erected after 9/11 to prevent terrorism -- he dropped the perfect callback to one of his most famous NSFW lines of all time.

"The TSA is MIA / they're callin' in sick / because the government shut down and work is a bitch / So keep your laptop in the bag and keep those shoes on / the workers are gone / so just blame it on Don," Jackson said in his final slam. "Things are sliding past security, man / things are getting insane / I've had it with these motherf--kin' snakes on this motherf--kin' plane!"

During the interview portion of the episode, the wildly successful actor was asked to name his top five favorite roles out of the 100+ on his resume. But he could only narrow it down to six, since he had to include his favorite Quentin Tarantino characters.

  • Nick Fury
  • Ordell Robbie ("Jackie Brown")
  • Jules Winnfield ("Pulp Fiction")
  • Stephen ("Django Unchained")
  • Mace Windu ("Star Wars")
  • Mitch Henessey ("The Long Kiss Goodnight")

He also offered a fun fact about the last role he name dropped, saying he absolutely loves the 1996 thriller co-starring Geena Davis. The director initially killed off his detective character, but apparently the audience wasn't having it in test screenings.

"I actually died in that movie. So when they were testing it, they kill me. So when they were testing it, they kill me. And I'm in the car, and I'm dying -- it's a big, sad scene. The audience was like, 'Oh hell no.'"

Enjoy the rest of Jackson's "Tonight Show" appearance below.

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