Eric Stonestreet Accidentally Crashes Ellen's Hilarious Hidden Camera Prank with Michael Buble
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The ridiculous skit has Michael pretending to be a grocery store cashier with Ellen telling him what to do and say at every turn.

Sometimes destiny makes something funny even funnier, and that's exactly what happened for Michael Buble and Ellen DeGeneres when "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet accidentally stumbled into their hidden camera prank.

Ellen had Michael in disguise and working the checkout counter at a local market where he had to say and do everything that she prompted, including making the grocery scanner beep sounds with his mouth and chugging Bubly in front of the customers. Buble has a partnership with Bubly with a forthcoming Super Bowl ad.

Eric was coincidentally his first customer, and the savvy actor quickly suspected something was up. "I smell something awry at my Handy Market," he said, looking around probably for the hidden cameras. Turns out he quickly recognized the crooner despite his amazing disguise of hat and fake glasses.

But he was a good sport and didn't ruin the ruse for the other shoppers, including the adorable woman who came up next and seemed game for absolutely everything and anything Michael came up with. Or perhaps we should say, anything Ellen came up with for him to say and do.

She couldn't stop laughing as Michael continued making the beep sounds and even went so far as to separate her bananas so he could scan them individually ... you know, bananas that don't have bar codes. "Now I can't hang them," she laughed as he unpeeled and ate one.

It only got weirder and better from there as he continued to do the most ridiculous things and the customer just smiled and laughed along. He even told her he was going to write down her credit card information and got her mother's maiden name from her.

At one point she complimented his teeth and told him how handsome he was, so clearly she was enjoying herself, too! It's remarkable just how long she endured his ridiculous behavior, but for being such a good sport about it, Ellen invited her to join both Michael and Eric on her show right that very moment.

Check out their hilarious banter, and Michael's certainty that Eric was another "Ellen" plant as part of a double-prank, in the clip below. And watch as the woman continues to be so very sweet, even as Ellen surprises her with a gift.

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