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Christie also details what Trump did when they first me that left him wondering if the president thought he was "one of his chicks."

It's been one of the greatest mysteries of Trump's presidency and it has nothing to do with his policy, his tweets, his speeches or even the way he uses his hands.

Why are Donald Trump's ties so long?

Seriously, they hang way below his belt line and when he sits down it looks like it's dangling halfway to his socks. The president has been mocked incessantly for two years for the bizarre fashion choice, but he has remained vigilant and consistent in buying ties seemingly for NBA players and wearing them as long as humanly possible.

Well, it turns out this might just be one of his patented power moves. According to Chris Christie's forthcoming memoir, Trump once gave him advice about his future in politics, telling him, "You gotta look better to be able to win in politics," according to Christie's book.

Now we're just going to leave the most obvious rebuttal to that statement right there, because he adds the suggestion that Trump began "‘exhorting Christie to wear a longer ti as it would make him look thinner."

"A-ha!" Colbert trumpted triumphantly after reading this clip. "My God, he does it on purpose."

He then slipped into his presidential impression, adding, "They’re so busy filing you up and down, they never look sideways."

He continued poking through Christie's book, which will be entitled, "Let Me Finish." "And how dare you suggest that the original title was ‘Are You Gonna Finish That?’" Colbert chastised his viewers, who had thought no such thing.

Oooh, we see what you did there. Projection. Where have we seen that before?

Another power move Christie described dates all the way back to when he first met the president and Trump ordered his dinner for him, including a dish he's allergic to and another he simply can't stand.

"Christie was insulted, wondering if Trump took him to be ‘one of his chicks,'" Colbert noted. "Well, check your bank account. Is there $130,000 in there?"

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