Frances Bean Cobain Expresses 'Guilt' Over Inheritance, Spills on Relationship with Courtney Love
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"My relationship to money is different because I didn't earn it," the self-described "trust fund baby" says.

Frances Bean Cobain opened up unlike never before in a recent interview with "RuPaul's Drag Race" host RuPaul and judge Michelle Visage.

After appearing on last week's show, the daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain had an extensive chat with the two reality stars for their "What's the Tee?" podcast. In it, Cobain, 26, got real about her financial situation, marriage and complicated connections to both of her parents.

Calling herself the "OG Blue Ivy," Frances Bean said she's tried to make a name for herself that's separate from her famous mother and father.

"Here's the thing about it, I observe this a lot within my weird community of celebrity children, where so many people are trying to replicate or redo what their parents have done," she explained. "I was really really hesitant about calling myself a musician for a really long time, because it's my family business. There's kind of this dirty association with musicianship and my family because it hasn't ended particularly well in that realm, but what I think is making me and pushing me to kind of go for it is I don't sound or act or am anything like my parents' artistry."

Cobain revealed she and Billie Lourd -- daughter of Carrie Fisher -- became friends at an early age, bonding over their mamas. "Our mothers were really good friends," she explained. "And we kind of looked at each other like, 'Your mom's crazy,' 'Your mom's crazy,' let's be friends."

Like Lourd after the passing of her mother and grandmother, Cobain received a hefty inheritance after her father's death. She explained that it took her some time to become responsible with that money, adding that she "didn't come from the best example of how to handle that."

"My relationship to money is different because I didn't earn it," the self-described "trust fund baby" said. "So, it's almost like this big, giant loan that I'll never get rid of, and it's like I have this foreign relationship to it or like a guilt because it feels like money from somebody that I've never met, let alone haven't earned myself. It's a total mind f--k."

Frances Bean's Nirvana-frontman father took his own life before she was even two-years-old -- and it would be another three years until her mother told her how it happened.

"I wasn't told my dad committed suicide until the age of 5 and so my mom preemptively sent me to therapy a year before telling me so I could be eased into that conversation," she explained to the hosts. When Visage said she thought it was a "really smart" idea, Cobain agreed.

"You can't explain that to an 18-month-old. It's hard," she added, saying the early therapy helped her become a really good communicator in life in general.

Through the years, Frances and her mother have had a unique relationship. Cobain got emancipated when she was 17 and while the two seem to be in a good place now, that wasn't always the case.

"When my mom is on a right and healthy path, she is one of the most fulfilling, beautiful, intelligent, kind people I've ever met," Cobain explained. "The thing with someone who's as smart as she is, is she doesn't know how to sit with herself because she's so deeply empathetic and so intelligent, that when she just has to sit inside her skin, she doesn't know how to handle that. She's highly self destructive as a result of not knowing what to do with that information and feeling."

"She's a really good person, and this is what I like to call the era of balance," Cobain added. "It took so long, I was so f--king angry and upset for a really long time, but I had a transformative shift in thinking. When bad stuff happens, as opposed to thinking, 'Why is this happening to me?', I started thinking, 'What is this trying to teach me?'"

Cobain said got got emancipated at an early age, when her mother "was on one," referring to drugs. "Courtney was a very loud drug addict and likes to expose herself in that way and her antics are louder than mine," she added. "When I stepped away from all those antics, I was looking for the most normal thing I could find."

That led to her marriage at 22 to Isaiah Silva, who she said gave her stability at a time when she really needed it. The marriage didn't last, however, and she filed for divorce in 2016.

Listen to the full podcast right here.

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