Meet the 30 Women Vying for 'Bachelor' Colton's Attention

"Bachelor" Colton Underwood has another girl dump him, a disastrous hometown visit and the final four are revealed, but nobody cares.

In one of the most bizarre developments in the history of "The Bachelor," the show was trending at number one and two on Twitter Monday night for something that didn't happen.

Blame it on the compellingly bizarre teasers for the show that began airing before it even began, but week by week, fans are getting more and more frustrated every time "Bachelor" Colton Underwood doesn't jump over that damned gate. They've only been waiting patiently all season long!

Make that not so patiently, if the memes and tweets and ongoing frustration are any indication.

It's kind of hilarious that the most compelling moment of this week's new episode, which saw the third woman of the season dump Colton when Heather called it quits, was a moment that didn't happen.

The night also featured Tayshia throwing Caelynn and Cassie under the bus, saying they're already thinking about the next "Bachelorette" season, with Kirpa backing her play. Then Colton made it clear where he stands on the whole thing after talkig to Caelynn by handing her a rose, and later sending Kirpa out the door behind Heather.

Tayshia also got a rose earlier in the night, so that should make for a lot of tension among the girls. Enough to jump a fence? All in all, these are some pretty big developments, as well as revealing the final four of the season, including both Caelynn and Cassie. They're joined by Hannah G. (B. didn't survive the date) and Tayshia.

As much as Colton spent the episode freaking out about all the gossip and wondering who to trust, none of this pushed him to that fence-jumping edge, and his fans are getting so impatient waiting for him to reach that breaking point. At least "The Bachelor" keeps teasing that image over and over and over and over and over again, so get that anticipation to a fever pitch.

There's a win in it for the rest of us, though. The longer they drag this out, the funnier the memes and social media response to the lack of fence jumping. Check out some of the best of this week's frustration, with host Chris Harrison just egging them on:

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