Kulture Dances and Laughs in Instagram Video to New Track by Daddy Offset Before Album Cover Debut
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Cardi B shares the video of Kulture bopping and laughing to one of the new track's from Offset's new album, "Father of 4," available now.

Both Cardi B and Offset shared new videos of daughter Kulture on the even of her recording industry debut as a cover model on her daddy's latest album, "Father of 4," which dropped at midnight.

Dressed all in pink, baby Kulture was bopping along to the music as one of her daddy's newest tracks played behind her. She smiled and laughed audibly, clearly enjoying the music, the bouncing or whatever it is that babies enjoy. Gas? We're gonna go with the music.

That's what Cardi did, captioning the precious video in Kulture's voice saying, "This is one my favorite songs from my daddy the other ones you’ll hear it tonight !! Go PAPA Go PAPA # Fatherof4."

Behind the Scenes

Offset took fans behind the scenes of the photo shoot that created his new cover image starring Kulture and his other three children, calling the experience a "daddy mayhem." Anyone who's ever tried to shoot with kids -- or do anything that requires them to do anything you might want them to do -- know how right those words are.

There was a lot of shouting of the kids' names to try and get them all looking at the camera at the same time. At one point, a woman tried a silly song to get Kulture to perk up, and instead got the absolute best "girl puh-leeze" expression we've ever seen!

Offset was the picture of calm in the center of a sea of madness, holding Kulture in his lap. They were flanked by his other three children, Kody, Kalea Marie and Jordan. It certainly looked like chaos, but it worked out in the end as Offset got a beautiful image that not only serves as a great shot for his new album cover, but also a precious snapshot in time of his life and his children right now.

"Father of 4" is Offset's solo debut album after dropping four albums in five years as part of Migos, the rap trio he formed with family when they were all teenagers.

Almost immediately upon releasing the cover image, Kulture's name began trending on Twitter, with fans thrilled to finally see Kulture in action and starring on her daddy's album cover. Check out the image below and then go back and watch that dancing video again. It's okay, we get it.


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