'RHOBH' Recap: Teddi Confronts Lisa Vanderpump About 'Setting Up' PuppyGate, Ken Pulls Out Receipts
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The PuppyGate plot thickens as Teddi confronts LVP with a screenshot of a potentially damaging text message -- but Ken might be able to disprove it.

Why is it that the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" can never take a relaxing vacation?

On Tuesday's new hour, the ladies were still in Mexico, trying to enjoy whatever was left of their tropical getaway. But alas! That proved impossible because PuppyGate was just getting started.

This is quite the convoluted plot line, so here's a synopsis of what's gone down thus far (if you're all caught up skip ahead):

Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Lisa Vanderpump's dog rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs. She actually adopted two, but she returned the first one to the rescue center after it bit her daughter. Dorit then adopted a second dog, which the director of the facility -- John Sessa -- claims he hand-reared for her. Dorit said that dog also bit her children and husband and was therefore not a good fit for her family, so she gave her to someone she believed would provide a better home. According to Dorit, she told Lisa "immediately" after, and LVP was seemingly fine with it. But a few days later, Lucy ended up at a shelter. John claims it was a kill shelter in Orange County; Dorit says it was not.

As both Lisa and John have mentioned, giving a Vanderpump Dogs dog to anyone other than Vanderpump Dogs is punishable by a $5,000 fine. Dorit admittedly signed the adoption contract, which contained this clause, without really reading the fine print.

During the season premiere, we learned that one of LVP's Vanderpump Dogs employees -- John Blizzard, who happens to be friends with Teddi Mellencamp -- told her her what had happened with Dorit's dog. That part wasn't filmed, but what was filmed was John Sessa bringing Lucy out in front of Kyle Richards, Teddi and Bravo cameras at Vanderpump Dogs. "Does this dog look familiar?" he asked. He knew what he was doing, but he maintains it was not at the direction of Vanderpump.

Lisa Rinna, however, believes it was absolutely a Lisa Vanderpump-orchestrated plan to have her "employees" be the bad guys in making Dorit look bad. Rinna then relayed that information to Kyle and Teddi, who started to believe she was right.

This week, Teddi chatted with Erika Girardi about her feelings on the whole situation. First and foremost, we're happy to see they're getting along now! Secondly, Teddi sucks at golf. But back to the topic at hand: Erika urged Teddi not to "let it go" until LVP took responsibility for orchestrating PuppyGate. Erika had her own issues with LVP last episode after Lisa expressed dissatisfaction with her condolence card. (These ladies have so many issues.)

Anyway, while Teddi was venting to Erika, Kyle took LVP to lunch to tell her everything the ladies were saying -- not in a gossipy way, but in a "this is how this looks and I need to know if it's true" way. Of course, Lisa maintained she had no idea what Rinna was talking about.

On the last night of the trip (this is always when the real you-know-what goes down), Vanderpump called Teddi and asked her if they could speak privately before dinner. Teddi walked over to Vanderpump and Dorit's suite, and she was ready.

"Am I here for an apology?" Teddi asked the second she walked through the door. Lisa simply replied, "I'd like an explanation."

Teddi stood strong in her belief that Lisa told Blizzard to tell Teddi the gossip about Dorit. Lisa insisted she did no such thing and that she wanted to "shut it down," so Teddi whipped out her phone and showed Lisa a text message exchange she had with Blizzard.

"Didn't Lisa want you to tell me?" she asked John, who replied back in all caps, "YES." It's important to note that the text message was a cropped screenshot, meaning we only saw that part of the conversation. This will be relevant later on.

Teddi told LVP to get her story straight before she barged in on Dorit. "This isn't fair," Teddi said to Dorit. "I'm telling you the same thing I told you last night: You did nothing in regards to this situation." Lisa had followed her into Dorit's room, and on Teddi's way out, she told Lisa, "You are much smarter than you lead on. You are not confused in this situation, and I'm not gonna be your pawn to get at [Dorit]."

That just confused Dorit even more. "On the one hand, I have a friend that I trust that I have history with. On the other hand, I have someone that I've had my issues with, who's coming in defense of me with such conviction," she told the camera. "Who am I supposed to believe at this point."

Dinner was awkward, to say the least. Teddi was on the verge of tears, Dorit tried to put on a happy face, everyone ignored Vanderpump. Eventually, LVP stood up and said her goodbyes. She and Kyle had an early flight to catch the next morning, anyway, but it was still super uncomfortable. Kyle was torn. She tried to console Lisa but then got chastised by the group for always defending Lisa's behavior. Camille Grammer seemed to be the only one who was on Vanderpump's side. She felt Dorit should have let Lisa know she was giving the dog away before she gave the dog away. (Voice of reason, anyone?)

PuppyGate followed the ladies back to L.A. When LVP got home, hubby Ken Todd did what any good hubby would do in this situation: He contacted John Blizzard and had him print out his entire conversation with Teddi, all so that he could vindicate his wife. That's some next level husband commitment.

We didn't get the best look at the receipts, but according to Ken, Teddi told John, "Have the dog there and I can say it looks like Dorit's dog. Either way, it will come out." Lisa was beside herself.

Teddi has since said in her blog that she isn't totally innocent in the whole ordeal; however, she said she felt LVP took advantage of her rocky relationship with Dorit at the time to use her as a "pawn." After last week's episode aired, Teddi tweeted, "I hope next week Ken doesn't leave out the part in those messages that confirms Lisa set this up. Neat thing about texts is I can print them out as well."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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