Meet the 30 Women Vying for 'Bachelor' Colton's Attention

Let's just say he's still not over Cassie dumping him last week.

"The Bachelor" has a strict structure that it has followed for 22 seasons, but in one night, Colton Underwood just threw that all out the window. And you thought the fence-jumping moment was wild!

After Cassie broke his heart last week, Colton bolted from the compound, vaulting over a fence like an Olympic athlete and disappeared into the night. If this was fake reality, it was very compelling fake reality, but all signs point to Chris Harrison really kind of freaking out that his "Bachelor" had hightailed it into the Portugal wilderness.

Apparently, Colton had basically already made up his mind who he was in love with. He was playing along for the sake of the show, but he'd so given his heart to Cassie that when she dumped him abruptly he just couldn't take it anymore.

When producers finally tracked him down, Colton was ready to quit the show. Instead, because Harrison and company know good drama when they see it, Colton decided to stick around and just throw the show out. What started as a typical season of "The Bachelor" ended (so far) with Colton dumping both of the remaining finalists, leaving him without a single girl still competing.

He then decided to follow his heart, despite what Cassie told him hers was saying, and track her down. The episode ended with Colton knocking on her door. So at this point, we are fully off the ranch as far as "The Bachelor" goes. The competition is effectively over and no one won.

As executive producer Rob Mills told Variety, had Colton opted not to return to the show after jumping the fence, that would have been it.

"Look, we can’t force him to finish the show," he said. "That would have been the end of the show. I’m sure at some point he would have sat down for “After The Final Rose,” but that would have been the end of the season.

It remains to be seen what happens after Tuesday night's wild finale, but it's safe to say that Cassie breaking Colton's heart broke this season to its core. Hannah G. and Taysia were floored to find out they went from the final two to kicked to the curb in an instant, with Hannah G. firing back that he was doing to her what Cassie did to him. Slay, girl! America stans their next "Bachelorette."

So where does it go from here?

Fans on social media were quick to pile on Colton for not getting the not-at-all-subtle message that Cassie wasn't ready for marriage. And here at the end of the season, he still refuses to accept that. Or maybe now that they're beyond the scope of the show, he'd be happy to just kindle a normal relationship with her. At the same time, she already said no, so what is he doing?

Check out some of the funniest reactions to the wildest twist in "Bachelor" history below.

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