Angelina Jolie and Her Kids Helped Turn 'Dumbo' Premiere Into a Circus of Stars

Colton makes his final move to win Cassie over after she dumped him last week, while the new "Bachelorette" has to give out her first rose already.

Well that didn't take long. Before the final credits had even rolled on Colton Underwood's big, crazy "Bachelor" finale, Chris Harrison was already kicking off the next "Bachelorette." She even had to give out her first rose.

Normally the reveal of the next "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" is enough, but apparently Harrison and ABC realized that this was an unorthodox season -- to put it mildly -- and maybe they needed to urge viewers forward into the next installment. So why not introduce "The Bachelorette" and start her show right now!

Many fans were hoping that Hannah G. would be chosen, considering how invested she was in the process and how she stood up to Colton even as he dumped her crudely during Monday night's Part 1 of this ridiculous season finale. Well, they were only off by one letter.

Chris Harrison made the big announcement and it was Hannah B. who came out onto the stage. But simply saying hello and how excited she is about the upcoming season wasn't going to be enough this time. No, Harrison also brought out the first five guys vying for her affections and flowers.

And because this is a "Bachelor" franchise, there are already two people with the same first name. And all five guys got to give their cringeworthy introductions -- did Luke S. really just say, "For you, I'd go down anytime" ... ?!

Maybe it was a nod to the Hannah America wanted in this role, but she gave her first rose to Cam, who serenaded her with a terrible rap. Okay probably not but we're already excited to think that there will be another rapster on the show this upcoming season.

What About 'The Bachelor'?

Oh yeah, that's the show we started off watching. Well, Colton got his happily ever after despite eliminating all of the finalists and chasing the girl who dumped him. Cassie decided she was willing to give him another chance and the two made their relationship "Bachelor" official.

There's no ring just yet, but it has been discussed. And so, Chris Harrison can chalk this season up as a ... win? It's too soon to tell, but we kind of have to applaud the couple for basically rejecting everything about the show while doing the show and finding one another anyway. That's pretty bold.

But, you ask, did they answer the big question of the season? Is Colton still a virgin? Did he and Cassie take advantage of the fantasy suite?

"It's something that we're going to keep to ourselves," Colton said.

"I'll take that as a yes," Harrison shot back. So will we, Chris. So will we.

While one chapter comes to a close, Hannah B's "The Bachelorette" continues Monday, May 13 on ABC.

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