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A bonus mini-episode of the smash Netflix series helped Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick throw out his gaudy boots and find his inner fashionista.

It was like a bonus episode of "Queer Eye" when the Fab Five -- minus Bobby Berk -- dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and turned their eyes on security guard/sidekick Guillermo.

Always a staple at Jimmy Kimmel's side, Guillermo's look hasn't changed that much over the years. And it turns out his style is even more horrific when you get him out of that security guard's uniform.

"A very bold t-shirt choice," Antoni Porowski said after seeing Guillermo's casual wear. "A nice little throwback to the nineties with Ed Hardy. Not sure if that brand still exists."

It was ... bold, to say the least. He paired it with a pair of jeans and his brown cowboy boots, which Tan France had some very strong thoughts about.

"The shoes need to never see the light of day again," he said, but when Guillermo suggested he might donate them, Tan shot that down, too. "No, no, no, please don’t do that. No, no, no, nobody wants that. I would rather you burn them, but if you just want to throw them, so be it."

Karamo Brown taught Guillermo how to find some of his inner confidence through a giant picture of a chihuahua -- and even to bark his assertiveness -- while Antoni decided to help Guillermo class up his usual tequila shot before showtime by teaching him how to make a tequila sunrise.

Finally, it was up to Jonathan Van Ness to figure out what to do about Guillermo's hair. "Guillermo’s hair is giving me a story of a football helmet," he said. "I just want to teach Guillermo’s hair how to sing a different song."

In the end, Guillermo debuted his new look for Kimmel and his audience, and he did look more confident.

But the best part of the whole thing were the black-and-white interstitials which were a perfect parody of "Queer Eye," only with the added fun of Guillermo fumbling his way through them. At one point, his clip-on tie got pulled off and at another he rocked a gorgeous wig.

Kimmel's sidekick has always been game for anything, and he went all in on letting the guys help him. And we didn't even miss Bobby because there wasn't really much he could do. Spruce up the spot by the door where Guillermo stands during each show? Maybe a nice plant?

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